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Praying that Donald Trump can save Americas freedoms!

About Me

Born a democrat in 1930. Endured the depression. After high school spent four plus years in the US Navy. Became a republican when democrats deserted conservative principles. 27 years with Lockheed, 5 years with Halliburton. 10 years in nine different businesses in consulting and one partnership in industrial training. Worked in 31 countries and 49 states. Achieved a Masters Degree at 47. Retired member of American Society for Quality, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Society of Petroleum Engineers, American Mensa, Intertel. Registered Professional Engineer, retired. After Bush caved into the Progressives, I am now a political independent as the GOP has left me this time.

My objective is to write conservative opinions, share life’s experiences and forward information I gather from reading and friends messages. I will sprinkle some lighter side material at times.


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4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I love your blog! And I appreciate it. The fact that you have had so many hits surely indicates that we are NOT alone in our stand against the tsunami of idiocy that has been sweeping us toward Socialism in our nation. I came across your blog through a brand new follower on one of mine (I have three), so I wanted to hop over and see what all you had to say. Wish I had more time this morning to read much more, but I will be back. And I will undoubtedly ask permission to re-blog some of your great stuff on my “Happy Patriot” site. I have two friends who are also members of MENSA and also strong conservatives. I know they will love your site as well, so I will let them know about it today.
    May the Lord make His face to shine on you today!

    • Sandra,you are free to use anything I post. I enjoy sharing my views and it helps keep my mind sharp at 81. Thanks for your comments.

      • My dad is 87, and I just got him started blogging this year. He is also very conservative, and I was telling him about your site this evening. I know he’ll enjoy it as well. He’s been a minister for most of his life, and his blog is mainly aimed at sharing truths from God’s Word. You might enjoy visiting it sometime, so I’ll include the link here, just in case you want to do that in the future.

      • Happypatriot, I appreciate the link and I will visit the site. The blog has given me a great way to keep my mind sharp and share my knowledge and experience of working in 32 countries, 49 states and my deeply conservative beliefs about freedom and what we have paid for it. CB

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