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A few months ago I took the time to express some thank you’s to some people who went out of their way to help me in my working life. I feel blessed that I achieved the American dream and reached my full potential at age sixty-three. At that time the good Lord told me to step back, retire and let someone else reach their dreams. That happened 17 years ago. I had ample time to review those years and to discover that I had a lot of help reaching this goal.

I have come to the conclusion that unless you are born into wealth or your family owns a business that lets you progress in management promotions by heredity, you will need help. Those who know me are certain this was not the path I walked. I placed a lot of roadblocks in my own path all by myself. I am known for having a rather hard head I inherited from my Mother. Independence was hard to overcome as a roadblock. It took me 47 years to complete my formal education as I never was challenged when it came to leadership. Knowledge was easy for me to gather and the ability to express myself in writing were more God-given blessings. I passed the Mensa exam at the 99th percentile.

Now let me challenge you to do something that you will cherish forever. Take the time to recall everyone in your life that helped you do anything significant. Record what they did and how it helped improve your life. Share this with your family as history and send a copy to everyone you credited for helping you succeed. You will provide those individuals or their heirs with some happiness. I treasure the feedback I received, especially from two widows I made smile once more.

If you feel that no one helped you reach major milestones in your life you are truly blessed, or just selfish in praising anyone. If not Please accept this challenge and I hope that you will send me a copy so I can see if this made anyone happier. I feel certain it will.

You will be gratified for the effort.

C Brewer 

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