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Norma and I made the choice years ago to let our four children share Christmas day with their spouses family. We were happy to have them on Christmas eve when we lived close by. On Christmas day in 1991 we moved away from all of the children to the peaceful area of deep East Texas. Believe me, Norma came kicking and crying even though two of our four were no longer close by and our youngest, Leah, had just moved to St. Louis.

Since then we have hosted them all the weekend before Christmas and often actually spend Christmas in one of their homes but not interfere with their visit to the spouses family. Our daughter, Lisa, lost her husband to cancer nearly five years ago shortly after Christmas. Since then we have had every Christmas day with Lisa and Emma, our nearing nine-year old grand-daughter in Humble or here in Hemphill.

Today they will all arrive for Christmas here and we will have Lisa, Emma and a daughter, Laurie, here past Christmas day. Our son, David, and his wife, Karina, children Blake, Megan and McKensie will only be here one night. Leah, her husband Tony, children Alyssa and Nick will get to stay until Monday. Laurie’s son, Landon and his wife, Aerin will only get to stay one night.

We have been cooking all week and are blessed with a wonderful family. I hope anyone who reads this will have the happiest Christmas holidays of their life.

C Brewer     

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  1. Time spent reading your post is worthwhile. Plenty of people should positively read this!

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Clyde, this post made my day. I am obviously a little slow on the uptake (but for as long as you have known me that should come as no surprise) as I just realized that the link on your Facebook wall to this blog is “your” blog. I can’t hardly stop reading it. The writing is outstanding and I have only started reading. I hope you will continue to write here (or at least somewhere) and provide more thoughts and perspectives based on your experience.

    Jeff Hanstrom

    • Jeff, I am really enjoying the chance to write. It has helped me share my thoughts and the blog has been fun. Having been to 32 countries an 49 states provided me with some first hand knowledge of cultures, politics, and the greatest thing, many friends. I have posted over 325 articles and have 27 subscribers and nearly 9000 hits. I’m glad you enjoy it and I will write as long as mind stays focused.

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