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US Department of Education-Part 1


I plan to write a series of articles that will use Department of Education (DOE) documents, and the myriad of information available. My mission will be to follow this Agency’s function to see how the United States went from having one of the best educational systems in the world to one that appears to me to be a total disaster when compared with Asia’s advancement in education over my lifetime. When you read the specific facts you can draw your own conclusions to decide if the Federal Government has caused or ignored the problem, or both.

My initial reaction after spending several hours of reading is that the DOE, that like most other Government Departments, primary mission is to brag about the accomplishments and support its government union employees. The DOE was created in 1867 when we had started the path to lead the world in creativity for the next 100 years. My concern is how did we lose our educational leadership?

Next I will provide a copy of “The Federal Role in Education” that summarizes an Overview, History, Mission and Staffing that is available on the DOE website. Finding this was a time-consuming process by design. Another unusual thing I found is that you have no way to pose written questions by “E” mail that can be done with other government agencies. I encourage you to print the next issue to help you follow the series. It contains the Overview, History, Mission and Staffing summary.

When you see the money they spend it seems simple to eliminate any department of the government that has accomplished nothing to improve our educational standings in the world or stopped its demise. Some one, some where, caused this problem. I doubt all 50 States, that are never in unison, are the cause!

If you have the same concerns help me obtain factual data to use in my articles.  CB


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