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US Department of Education-Part 3

A new short film series, “Kids Aren’t Cars”, will be released on February 1st. This will expose how organized labor has used its power to cause the demise of our educational system. You can now watch the lead-in on U-Tube of how the creation of an assembly line model that has left the student behind with an all teachers are equal approach that has stopped innovation and improvement.

The government has been spending more year after year on education but the results keep declining. The unions demand more spending which obviously ends up in their members pockets and the children are graduating that can’t read.

We keep reading about the decline in education but our government, including Congress, do not have the courage to take on the teacher unions. Our current system is to provide benefits to adults in the form of pay for tenure, inflated health benefits and unbelievable retirement packages.

“Kids Aren’t Cars” has a Facebook page.

Some interesting facts are that the USA is now lagging behind Iceland and Hungary in student achievement. The “organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OCED) 2009 report reported that the USA is 27th in math, 22nd in science, 32nd in reading – dead last in 32 industrialized nations.

I received a message from my friend Wally recently that has some examples of the results of our education system. These are athletes that recently signed up to attend our colleges.

Quinticious Jenkins: 6′ 3”, 220 lbs, running back, set the State scoring record out of Triton High School, NC. He also led the State in burglaries, but only has 9 convictions, signed with Mississippi State.

Roosevelt “Dude” Dansell: 6′ 1″, 195 lbs, running back from Tyler, TX. Before he signed his letter of intent, he asked that the school to change its colors to Chartreuse & Pink. Listed his church preference as “red brick”, signed with the University of Houston.

Woodrow Lee Washington: 6″ 8″, 310 lbs, tackle is from a fourth generation welfare family. At 19 he’s the oldest of 21 children. His mother claims Woodrow and child #9 have the same father. Woodrow has a manslaughter trial pending, but feels he will be found innocent because: “The dude said somethin bad bout my Momma!” On his entrance exam he listed his IQ as 20-20. He signed with Oklahoma.

Tyrone “Python” Peoples: 6′ 10″, 220 lbs, wide receiver. He has a pending paternity suit and two rape trials, but hopes none of the other 9 victims will file charges. Tyrone had signed 6 other letters of intent with other colleges, but was also willing to sign and play for the University of Miami. Related that he likes wild women, red Cadillacs and that Taco Bell was the Mexican Telephone Co.

This topic has overwhelmed me and I just got started. I have three daughters and one daughter-in law currently working in four different places that see this imbalance at different levels of our system. One was forced to join the union or she could not enroll in the healthcare insurance.

Just keep voting for progressive liberals who get a sizeable donations from the labor unions and believe they will improve our educational system! Keep waiting for the tooth fairy to put something under your pillow so you can learn how to speak Chinese.  CB 

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  1. Looking for this information for at least two days know. Not quite the explanation I was hoping for but nonetheless a broader perspective on the topic was give.

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