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US Department of Education- Part 4

Someday the people who have to pay for college educations will find that the relief of getting children out of the house has become a very expensive way to shirk their responsibilities. I have watched my own children suffer to help my grand children get a degree. In addition I have helped some qualify for student loans that will take them until middle age to repay.
What can they do, take the time to see what has caused the escalated cost to exceed normal inflation. How, do some reading and ask some important questions?
It does not take rocket science to discover that because of tenure, greed and lofty pensions that most professors spend more time applying for grants to do research to fatten their wallets, than educate your children. The administration of our colleges has no reason to control this as they get their money primarily from the US government and it keeps the academic staff placated. They also have the same fat cat salaries, perks and inflated pensions.
To make this point valid I have reviewed the 2011 budget for the US Department of Education (DOE). This budget has an increase of $4,500,000,000.00 over 2010 and now will be $50,700,000,000.00. Take a look at the highlight summary below:
$1,350,000,000.00 for “Race to the Top Awards”
$500,000,000.00 for “Investing in Innovation”
$900,000,000.00 for “School Turnaround Grants”
$950,000,000.00 for “Teacher and Leader Innovation Fund”
$405,000,000.00 for “Teacher and Leader Pathways”
$1,000,000,000.00 for “Teaching and Learning for a Complete Education”
$490,000,000.00 for “Expanding Educational Options”
$210,000,000.00 for “Promise Neighborhoods Initiative”
$7,500,000,000 over 10 years for “IBR-income based repayment”  WOW
$1,000,000,000.00 for “ESEA Contingent Reserve”
$5,710,000,000.00 for 2011 Pell Grants
This is an eleven page document that has so many other breakdowns of money that is involved with anywhere from one to ten years. There is not a Congressman without a degree in Accounting that could possibly understand much less explain. The entire budget was prepared bt accountants and written by lawyers.
Remember this agency (DOE) is responsible for our national education system. They have watched our world standings in education shrink from being first in all categories to 27th in math, 22nd in science and a dead last 32nd in reading out of the 23 industrial nations.
Let me share some other interesting direct quotes from this Budget Summary that, by the way, is available on the DOE website:
“turn around their 5000 lowest performing schools” (States) no detail. Pg 3
“$36,700,000,000.00 to consolidate 7 existing ESEA authorities”  Pg 3
“$80,900,000.00 to consolidate 5 existing programs into this new authority” Pg 3
“$2,500,000,000.00 over 10 years for new investments in Historically Black~” Pg 5
“1,200,000,000.00 over 3 years for Graduation Promise Grants”  Pg 5
‘$3,900,000,000.00 for the new Excellant Instructional Teams program”  Pg 6
“$410,000,000.00 for Successful, Safe and Healthy Students” Pg 7
“$2,300,000.00 for the Womens Educational Equity program”  Pg 7
“$445,200,000.00 for Title 1 Migrant Education & Neglected & Delinquent State agency programs”  Pg 8
I did take the liberty to use the entire numbers in this message to make sure you can see the impact. Their report would show the total as $50.7 billion with the little b.
When you read this entire document, you should be ready to barf. There is no way to measure the success other than how the US ranks in the industrialized world. Obviously this agency has contributed nothing to improve our position. This is “WASTE” in capital letters that Congress ignores and just pumps more money into each year. Why on earth does Congress sit and watch the education of American students continue to decline? The least they could do is abolish the DOE and demand that the States straighten out these messes or see their education system put into some form of receivership under the federal courts. That is how the prison systems were cleaned up and we have never had a Department of Prisons as a Cabinet level agency that spent $5,700,000,000.00 and failed.  
By the way do those who read this have any idea where the waste money comes from? The answer is the ones of us that pay taxes. You can keep your head buried in the sand or wake up and “DO SOMETHING” about the reckless spending that is not helping anything but government employees exorbitant salary & retirement benefits. I will be screaming at the top of my lungs as long as I can. Please help me by recommending your friends read this four part series. I have not decided which agency to review next, do you have suggestions?   C Brewer 

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