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Goodby Henry

I have been away for a few days and missed the chance to bid farewell to an old friend and neighbor. Some called him father, grandfather and great-grandfather but to me and his other friends he was Henry. We all lost something when Henry Phillips passed away last week.

For the past several months we have had a lively exchange of jokes, stories, growing up during the depression and our conservative political views. When I started writing a Blog last September, Henry was one of the first to offer his inputs with often humorous comments about my writing. He was one of my biggest supporters and I will miss him dearly. We both loved America and appreciated the people who have given their lives to protect our freedoms.

I am certain his friends at the rest home will miss his always smiling face and the things he shared from his time on the internet. For sure Juanita, “Sunshine” to her true friends, will miss her trips to take him sweets and admire that smile.

His family and all of his neighbors will never forget this person who would help anyone and I am certain that he will make heaven a better place to reside.

Without a doubt if heaven ever has an internet connection, Henry will share his happiness and send me his comments on everything I post on the Blog.

 C Brewer

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One thought on “Goodby Henry

  1. Thank you Clyde. He enjoyed your visits so much and your right, Juanita was certainly a bright spot in his day.

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