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Praying that Donald Trump can save America in 2024!


To eliminate any connection to Beck, the old address, http://cbeck75948.wordpress.com has been changed to https://cb75948.wordpress.com


Life has been a great experience and I will proudly admit that I was able to achieve my highest potential dreams in my business career. Few I know have accomplished this dream.

I spent 32 years working for two fortune 500 companies then some 11 years in business for myself. I served as chairman for an ASME of a committee for “Offshore Oil and Gas Safety Valves” for several years. I belonged to several national trade associations. I am a retired Registered Professional Engineer, member of Mensa and Intertel and have a Master’s degree in Business from the University of Dallas (1977). I have worked or visited 32 countries and 49 states and now reside in Sabine County Texas on a lake that is 80 miles long.

A supportive wife, Norma, has been with me for over 50 years and she raised four wonderful children, and deserves some major credit for my writings. With my education and experience, I never took typing and if it were not for “Spell Check” my output would be questionable. If typing, spelling or grammar had been a Mensa requirement, I would have been doomed. My beautiful wife provides editing corrections for my blog.

God gave me the ability to express my knowledge and thoughts with words. Success in business provided me with retirement and the opportunity to hopefully make some contributions to society. Lyndon Johnson made me a conservative with his misdirected power to make America a Socialist country. Carter, Clinton and Obama have just solidified my belief in our Constitution that has bound us together for over 200 years.

AS I am approaching 81 I have slowed down some. I rarely play golf over six times a month; it used to be at least twelve and often more. What used to be fishing nearly every day has been reduced to when they are biting, maybe? I will leave other of life’s surprises for you to encounter on your own as you get older. Aging does have some negatives to discover, but the time and severity are variables.

To the nearly 7000 people who have visited the blog, I say thank you. To those who visit today or after, please provide me with your comments. I wear big boy shorts and I can take, and dish out, criticism.

Thanks, C Brewer

For an 80+ gentleman, you are amazing. Thanks for devoting so much time in researching each topic in order to educate your readers.


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  1. tadpole75948 on said:

    For an 80+ gentleman, you are amazing. Thanks for devoting so much time in researching each topic in order to educate your readers.


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