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 If you do not oppose this legalized fraud, you are a progressive socialist. Move to Europe or Scandinavia and be happy with people like you everywhere. We can find a Mexican who will work to replace you and save a lot of money. By the way take your union with you, things are changing here and they can always use your money over there.    C Brewer

Leading Union Political Campaign Contributors

  Democrats Republicans  
American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees $40,281,900 $547,700  
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 29,705,600 679,000  
National Education Association 27,679,300 2,005,200  
Service Employees International Union 26,368,470 98,700  
Communication Workers of America 26,305,500 125,300  
Service Employees International Union 26,252,000 1,086,200  
Laborers Union 25,734,000 2,138,000  
American Federation of Teachers 25,682,800 200,000  
United Auto Workers 25,082,200 182,700  
Teamsters Union 24,926,400 1,822,000  
Carpenters and Joiners Union 24,094,100 2,658,000  
Machinists and Aerospace Workers Union 23,875,600 226,300  
United Food and Commercial Workers Union 23,182,000 334,200  
AFL-CIO 17,124,300 713,500  
Sheet Metal Workers Union 16,347,200 342,800  
Plumbers and Pipefitters Union 14,790,000 818,500  
Operating Engineers Union 13,840,000 2,309,500  
Airline Pilots Association 12,806,600 2,398,300  
International Association of Firefighters 12,421,700 2,685,400  
United Transportation Workers 11,807,000 1,459,300  
Ironworkers Union 11,638,900 936,000  
American Postal Workers Union 11,633,100 544,300  
National Active & Retired Federal Employees Association 8,135,400 2,294,600  
Seafarers International Union 6,726,800 1,281,300  
*Source: Center for Responsive Politics, Washington, D.C.


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  1. I am curious. Do you find it as disgusting that multi-nationally owned corporations spend as much (probably more) than the unions? The money that unions donate is VOLUNTARILY collected from its members. The members being individual people. Giving to the PAC fund that is managed by elected, union officials. Officials that are elected by the members that are donating their own, personal money to get a voice in gov’t. Is it “We the people” or “we the Corporations that want legal favors”?

    • Someday you will hopefully wake up. Volentary is when you have a choice in joining a union, not having to to get the job. I personally believe that no one should be allowed to donate anything to a political party or an individual in any election. We would then have public servants rather than career politicans. CB

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