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The Government Solution

The news media has been obsessed for the past few days discussing the sleep patterns of air traffic controllers. Interviews with the Department of Transportation, FAA, Congressmen and a myriad of experts have discussed the solutions available to eliminate this “possible” snafu with the usual bureaucratic solutions.

The immediate government response to eliminate this crisis could have been predicted by all union officials who should be incarcerated in mental institutions. Hire 27 more air traffic controllers who can take turns sleeping. This will only cost a tad over $4,500.000.00 plus additional supervisors. This would not include training.

The recommendations we have heard from the industry experts, hired by the media to sensationalize the events, has been mind boggling.

What would a well managed company do if they were hired to manage air traffic safety or provide a reasonable solution? They would install a switch for the controller to engage a loud speaker to the radio when the head set was removed for any reason. This might costs $50 for a profit making company and probably $50,000 for a government contract. With 27 locations this would amount to $1350.00 or $1,350,000 dependent on who solved the problem.

Wow, then the controller could even go to the bathroom without a long cord on his headset. When it is nap time, one flip of a switch to activate the speaker and another flip of a switch to turn off the lights.

Now let me share what different people will probably say when they read this simple solution.

President Obama, “Another crazy conservative plot to interfere with creating more jobs.”

Polosi, “Reducing controllers to save more money is like taking our grandmothers wheel chair away from her.”

Vice-President Biden, “Huh, who poked me?”

Harry Reid, “What if the electricity is disrupted and there is no backup to run out and wave off the airplane? It is just another conservative plan to reduce air safety.”

Union Officials and the main stream media, “These right wing nuts are trying to put the air traveler’s safety at risk by reducing jobs. Their next move will be to outsource air traffic control overseas to bust the unions.”

If our current government decided they needed to award a contract to build a mechanical mouse, we would end up getting an elephant. You can go to the bank knowing that the contract would require that it operate with wind or solar power. God bless us all to stop this insanity with term limits and anyone but Obama in 2012……………CB

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  1. Like your common sense approach. Politicians would add so many amendments, earmarks and riders to the bill to implement your loudspeaker plan that it would end up costing $1.3 Billion. After all it’s not a real solution unless it costs real money. Read a few of your posts.Well done. Seems like we think alike and both Texans too. Check out my blog site also. isitjust.wordpress.com

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