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I receive many inquires related to creating a blog. I am 81 years old and started this blog one year ago to share my lifetime and knowledge with all who desire more conservative viewpoints. Being retired for some 18 years I have found this outlet to spend my time most rewarding. I also have a large family, currently 39, that all live at least 200 miles away to share my musings with.

A good friend who enjoyed my more than casual articles for our weekly newspaper, The Sabine County Reporter, urged and helped me create this blog. His computer knowledge far exceeds that of my own. In the past year I have posted nearly 300 messages and have received over 7000 hits.

I also am an avid reader of history and the conservative activity in America. I do comment on other people’s work whether professional or just another individual like myself. When I have a question during my two finger visits to probably 40 sites a day.

I live in a neighborhood of mostly retired and older Americans. Several have no access to the internet and we do not have a decent daily newspaper. I make copies of daily happenings, that are not biased by the main stream media, and they are passed on from family to family to provide conservative events. One site I visit for his three times a week articles is www.burtprelutsky.com which you will find on my blog links. Several months ago I had a question regarding a feature on his site I desired more information. He graciously responded and gave me the way to contact his webmaster.

I can tell you that this individual that I contacted is the most knowledgable and professional computer person I have ever conversed with in my life. Coupled with the fact that I am old, independent, and know little more than how to log in, type with two fingers and pray a lot when I hit the wrong key, we have become “E” pals. He just paid me a big compliment by asking me to review a proposed major change to one of the sites he manages. Telling me that what I can find accidentally by not being as bright on computers was an ego boost for this old man. To get completely honest I am a member of Mensa and Intertel and the worlds worst spellers and a failure when it comes to using correct punctuations, etc. My wife of 51 years is my grammar corrector and God Bless spellcheck.

As a message to those who have asked me about how to do anything related to the blog or a website I encourage you to contract with this individual to guide you, create for you or manage your blog or site. You can visit Burt Prelutsky’s site to see his work and you can contact him at www.kennfong.com. Save your self some time and grief when you start by using a professional like Kenn.

Clyde Brewer  

PS: I mispelled 8 words when this was spell checked

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