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President Obama and his progressive administration have utilized every controversial issue they could dream up or find to convince the American people to support their goal to divide this country and bankrupt the Republic. They have created situations to just focus on dire consequences and their solutions have wrecked the world’s economy. In less than three years they have wiped out our savings of millions of retired Americans and forced the next generation’s to have to work until they die. The legislation they have passed, demanding that “we have to pass this now – or else!” has set the stage for the end of the free enterprise hopes for our young people who elected him. The youth that created his power still do not understand they have ruined the American dream for themselves.

Today Obama announced yet another way to reinforce his bid for re-election by new taxes on the people who create jobs and wealth for many. This just elevates class warfare to the next level by brain washing the young and everyone, including the illegal aliens, who depend on handouts to survive now. Obama is obsessed with the mission to destroy America. Should he be elected for another term America is destined to have bankruptcy and a European Socialist future, which is his dream. Just read his own books to see his objectives.

Follow the “facts” of what has already happened in less than three years. Now we have “The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009”. This stimulus monster was quickly passed by the Democratic controlled House and Senate without sufficient debate in order to keep the unemployment rate from rising above 8%. Currently unemployment is at 9.1%, and over 17% when you consider those who stopped looking for work or are working part-time. What actually happened was that we wasted $800 billion of tax payer money to pay government workers salaries for a year and some obvious government-funded “Green” business failures. This law did not provide any self-sustaining employment and our economy is tanking again and robbing retired Americans of their life savings.

The Patient Protection and Affordability Act of 2010, Obamacare, was crammed through the Democratic controlled House and Senate against overwhelming protests by the American people. This ideologically designed legislation accomplished 2,700 pages of legal language and the creation of 159 new government bureaucracies. If you read my blog, “OBAMACARE-AMERICANS READ THIS, IF YOU CARE!” that was posted last week you should be scared and it will help you understand the uncertainty for why employers are canceling the health care insurance for their employees. Obama and his team did include a gimmick to assure the vote of the young people. They have no worry about having to buy insurance until they turn 27. What they do not know that if dad and/or moms insurance is cancelled they will be up the same creek and have to paddle alone. They should have changed the voting age to 27. If that had been in place in 2008, John McCain would be President today. Although he would have likely made the same moves it would have been slower. Republican progressives, like Bush and McCain operate at a slower pace.

Next came the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010, this was the last piece of panic legislation passed by the Democratic controlled House and Senate before the November  2010 election. It was done so fast they are still drafting new regulations that no one has seen. The shift of power changing the House to Republican control can’t stop this debacle. Our nation’s banking system is now in turmoil by the uncertainty of what these regulations will contain.

The jobs bill that Obama is promoting is really Stimulus bill #2. This legislation will shift more federal money to the states to pay the wages of state and municipal workers, primarily teachers, as did the original stimulus bill. What money is earmarked for infrastructure projects will require years planning and permitting before the actual work will happen. The states will by-pass logic and common sense to make sure they can prop up the unions with inept projects. This money will keep mostly unionized teachers and construction professionals on someone’s payroll.  At best only some short-term relief and no self-sustaining employment will occur.  When the money is again wasted all will be back where we started.

The crisis mode of change has been slowed down but I am certain that Obama has new events planned that will rock America into re-electing him and gaining majority control of the House. Class warfare is his only hope and the republican candidates are becoming rabid in slaughtering each other. By the election next year the war-weary republican nominee will have been so damaged by his own party, Obama will not even have to spend his billion dollar hope chest. The republicans have never been the smartest apple on the political tree. They have let issues like abortion evenly divide themselves. They have no idea how to woo the independent voter or wield power when they do have a majority.  

American people, it is time to say “Let’s start over”! This Republic was not created in a panic mode. It took many years to design the most stable society ever to appear on this earth, history proves this. The founding fathers did not just react, they acted on principle and perceptive understanding of what would follow. Today we need leadership and broad strategic thinking, free of ideology and political charades. Obama is not capable of leading sane people. Beware of his salesmanship and con-man capability. Remember with his fife he successfully brain washed his band of supporters blindly into electing him President. If he can energize the same people again he will march them over the cliff like the Pied Piper led the rats. The catch is he will have a parachute and Chicago politicians to lavish his retirement. What shape will you be in by 2016?

C Brewer

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