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A Conservative View- Feedback Request

I started this blog on 9-15-2010 with the help and urging of Freddie Keel, my friend. I have written some 200 postings and about posted 100 others I deemed worthy of sharing. Most came from friends who I have tried to credit. Since inception I have had some 7300 hits. I know this does not include the 12 of you that subscribe to the blog as the number of people who visit the site has dwindled below 12 several times in the past few weeks and was zero recently. On some days the visits registered exactly the same as the ones identified by WordPress as spam. This statistic is growing and takes time to sort out real comments from the leeches that try to attach to your site or to sell me something.

I spend a lot more time reading than ever in my life, especially history and our current government debacle in Washington. My purpose in creating worthwhile things for others to read was to possibly minimize the time others had to keep up with conservative matters. Nearing the beginning of my 18th year of retirement, which has provided me the time to increase my knowledge, I question the real value of my efforts. Only two of my seven children and one of my 12 adult grand children actually subscribe to the blog. To my one son who does not even have a computer, I will ask his daughter Kerri to take him a copy if possible. When your own family does not have time to read the blog it tells me I may be wasting the average two hours a day I commit to the project or that my subject matter is questionable?

This is what prompted this posting by begging for feedback. I am secure in the fact that my 12 loyal subscribers will send me something. I will forward this to my five children who have probably never read any of the articles and see if they will poll their offsprings to suggest things to me that might interest them. God gave me a mind and challenges that have taken me across the world and the ability to create words. He also gave me enough wisdom to accept the fact that my endeavours might be just a waste of time.   

Please share you candid evaluation and comments of my work you have read. I can dish it out and I can accept criticism as constructive.

Clyde Brewer  

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10 thoughts on “A Conservative View- Feedback Request

  1. Anonymous on said:

    More people may see it than you think since you sometimes post to Facebook. Love you, Daddy!

  2. Anonymous on said:

    Mr. Brewer, I enjoy reading ur blogs, they are very close and relevent to my way of thinking and my choice of politics. All I can say is “keep em comin.

  3. I know you put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into your posts and I do enjoy them. I sometime get a little behind getting to read them but it’s only because of work. Keep on writing! 🙂

  4. tadpole on said:

    I am more informed because of your blog. Thanks… tadpole

  5. Clyde—
    Please continue with this. All your articles have greatly expanded my limited vision. I think you get as much pleasure out of creating as we do reading.
    Please keep up the good work.
    Regards, Phil

  6. Jay Holleman on said:


    When you quit writing you will begin dying … at first your heart (soul), then your mind (intellect), then your body. This actual death process will happen at a variable but surprisingly rapid rate. Continue exploring and writing if only for your intellectual exploration and life. Never count followers to indicate the worthiness of your efforts. Get up with a purpose each day and a job or you will not be getting up many more mornings.

    Your Doctor,
    Jay Holleman, M.D. (Nacogdoches, TX 2000-2007)

  7. Anonymous on said:

    I read and agree with all your blogs and appreciate the time and effort you put into it and I know Blake reads them also because we have a discussion on a few of them.

  8. Anonymous on said:


    I read every single item you write and look forward to what will be coming up. I have learned so much from your writings. Please keep up the great work. It is really a great help in keeping me informed!

    Love you lots,

  9. Laurie Brewer on said:


    Guess I did not post right the first time I tried because it is not showing up. I have read every post you have written and look forward to what will be coming next. I have learned a lot from your posts and appreciate all your hard work. Without your writings it would be impossible for me to keep up on politics. I also like the funny stuff!

    Love you lots,

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