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The creation of 24/7 television news has provided us with more coverage hourly than we used to see in a week. We are constantly subjected to the egotism of an army of bloviated individuals with their slanted political and social bias. This week alone I feel like I have spent four years and sat on the jury to watch Amanda Knox be exonerated of a crime in Italy. All I really wanted to know was the latest headline news, weather forecast, stock market changes and who won the baseball playoffs.

Obviously I am a conservative and oppose anything that challenges our Republic form of government that made America the success story of all time. I am a freedom loving individual for all who choose to follow our laws. I have no compassion for those who will not abide by our laws or spend their entire lives trying to change our Constitution.

There is no question that innovation has changed in my 81 years and we all have to be flexible to accept changes in anything except our principles. This sets the scene for my message for today, politics.

I guess I should be happy that Amanda Knox did give me a couple of days rest from having to watch Obama seeking his seventy two virgins for destroying our country. She also gave us some respite from watching the army of so called republicans attacking each other for the right to try to replace our self anointed Mohammad as President.

Can you just imagine that if all of the money being spent on seeking their political dream were donated to the treasury we could make a sizeable reduction to our national debt? Our economy is destroyed, unemployment is out of control, and this administration has lied, cheated and stacked the government with a bunch of inept socialist progressives. Some of you voted for change and look what we got.

Now we have states racing to have their primary elections as early as December. It is a shame we did not have them last December so we would only have to listen to two or maybe three tell us how stupid their opponents were. Look at the money that could be saved and the misery of watching that could be reduced. At this point any voter with a exiguous amount of common sense knows who is qualified to serve as our next President and should have chosen his canditate. Everyone else will vote for Obama anyway. He has a cinch on 100% of the dead, 90% of government employees, 100% of the unions, 95% of Africans Americans, 100% of illegal aliens and 90% of all Hispanics and 100% 0f all morons today.

I propose that anytime we have an incumbent President eligible for re-election that the opposition be made to select a candidate to oppose him/her by January 1st of the next year. For the next two years no Presidential political activity will be permitted. This would leave the full election year from January until November as open season to go after each other.

Is anyone else tired of this constant political theater? Obviously I am!   CB

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  1. Mike Hoselton on said:

    Hope to see you soon, if you don’t remember the name, ask your daughter in A town about it.

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