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What a surprise to discover that a politician at the national level has exhibited some common sense. Rick Perry has opened the door for Americans to evaluate just how antiquated we become in Washington D. C.

Just think, when our country was formed in the 1700’s the only way Congress, or the Executive and the Judicial branches could travel to meet was by horse and buggy. This likely was why they stayed in Washington for long periods of time and established residence there. Can you imagine that if California had been a state at that time how long it would take to spend your time with the people who elected you instead of other elected officials? At least if it were today the people could save a fortune as Polosi and her counterparts could not come home every weekend at our expense. Multiply this by at least 535 to imagine what we spend today.

In the 1700’s they did not have overnight mail, radio, TV and Fedex to communicate with each other so they had to stay in Washington to conduct the people’s business. Fortunately they took care of business without delay so they could go home to their families instead of multiple residences and the rigors of travel. These people were not unionized and were paid for the time they actually worked and were truly performing a public service. They did not have huge staff’s of lackeys to serve them and they created the longest living free Republic ever to survive 200+ years.

Look at what we have accomplished today and shed a tear for progress. Our President recently spent $2,000,000.00 to buy two busses so he could campaign for re-election appearing to be “Joe” the plumber. Congress has ten times more holidays and weeks off to spend in their districts than the average vacation time of a French ditch digger.

I admire my Washington Representative, Louie Ghomert, as he truly works hard to represent all people on Texas House District #1. His staff has professionally responded to several of my questions over the past few years. District #1 covers a large part of the central area of deep east Texas bordering Louisiana. In addition to his Washington offices he has an office in Tyler, Longview, Marshall, Lufkin and Nacogdoches that serve us. He does visit the various parts of the district to address local concerns and problems.

This article is not intended to focus on Louie as he is one of the greatest Congress persons we have today. The point I am trying to make is multiply this by 535+ to see what Rick Perry is trying to awaken the people to understand. It is time to force our government to stop the showmanship and just conduct its business efficiently. Wow look at the buildings in Washington we could sell to China or use as museums.

Technology has advanced to allow meetings to be conducted by video and eliminate the need for Congress to ever have to leave their district. The telephone even provides a way to talk with anyone or everyone without travel to Washington. The news media is capable of both local and national reporting of any event, large or small. Obama can address the State of the Union to every American without the pomp and ceremony that costs a fortune

Will this ever happen, who knows, but it makes business sense that will never be accepted by the politicians unless you and I make them wake up.

As our government will never agree to do anything in an orderly, effective and costs controlled way as they have demonstrated in my 81 years, I have another alternative suggestion.  Start each calendar year on February 1st for all elected and appointed government employees including the President. Prepare an agenda approved by the people for what they are required to do such as; a budget, proposed legislation necessary to keep the government operation through the next February 1st. Allow no breaks or vacations and demand they work 40 hours each week like everyone else. As they all support the unions make them punch a time card to get paid. Do not compensate them for any travel back home until all tasks are completed and approved. Pay them for days worked and when they have completed their work, pay for to return home and pay them for days worked in their district. This incentive will let them have ample time to run for re-election at their own expense like those trying to get their jobs. If the regular government employees are unable to keep things running on their own, fire them and hire someone who can manage a business. Close all but one local district office for each Congress person.

Forcing them to stay in Washington until all work was complete could entice some to take a pay cut that Rick Perry suggest and/or get their work done faster so they could work locally where they belong and escape the land of the lobbyist. If they have to function like everyone else to earn a living, 90% would go back to chasing ambulances or we could trade our unemployed lawyers to other countries for their doctors we probably educated. I bet that would stop the spending sprees and eliminate all national debts.

It is time for Washington and our government to admit we have progressed technically over the past 200 years; all we need to do now is use common sense and the technology we invented. 

C Brewer



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