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That is my question for the day. I do not know how others might feel or how much intelligence some might possess. I do know that I have had the opportunity to visit several middle-eastern countries in my lifetime.

Watching the interviews today with one of the American students that was recently under arrest in Egypt and his mother leaves me with a feeling that sanity is doubtful at best. Any American parent that would allow their children to just visit Egypt, in its time of turmoil, has serious mental problems.

Even our President and his loyal band of brain dead Congressional socialist have acknowledged that children should be under parental control until they are twenty six years old. These same socialist were the ones who lowered the voting age to eighteen some years ago. That is the only way they can get elected when coupled with the millions we have on welfare.

You might expect a teenager to get involved with an insurrection as an exchange student because their brains have yet to mature. If these boys did get carried away with the thirst for freedom in Egypt, it is a shame they were not home where the same attack on freedoms is in full bloom. I suspect their parents are democrats and supporters of the Occupy Wall Street debacle, or part of it. If they had been home, they would probably support anything that got them attention.

I hope I live long enough to see the buffoons we have leading our people today in the unemployment lines, begging for food. The lies and distortions that the media uses to poison people’s minds with today is utterly insane. They have actually distorted facts for so long that they even believe their own garbage.

To any parent with a brain, now is not the time to send your kids anywhere that hates Americans. Let your kids do the sit-ins here and you go to Egypt to help these poor souls destroy themselves. Maybe you can be more convincing than Obama and the US State Department that threw their President under the bus.

Obama, his cabinet and Congressional democrats could not lead us out of a paper sack with one end of it open.

C Brewer

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