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Praying that Donald Trump can save America in 2024!


Leaders are born with a God given ability to guide others to a happy and successful life. Manipulators are educated to use charisma and chicanery to destroy your freedom with false promises and bribery.

Leaders are not an output of any educational system. If the professors in our colleges were leaders they would be successful in business or a philanthropist rather than brainwashing our youth to overthrow our Republic for a Socialist Democracy. They are smart enough to realize they could not gain power as a leader as they are not qualified.

Just observe our current President and most of the Congressional leadership who have been leaderless for far too long. When we elect lawyers to manage our country, we should understand we deserve this leaderless period in American history. Leadership and ethics are not included in the education of lawyers. Our current laws that allow politicians to amass wealth with inside information, is a perfect example that lawyer politicians have no ethics. Some honest members of Congress have tried to change this inequity for several years but the manipulative so called leadership has denied the subject to even be voted on.

We the people are responsible for allowing our Republic to be constantly assaulted as we elected these so called political leaders. In addition we allowed egomaniacs to take over higher education after World War Two.

I never dreamed I would live long enough to see the insurrection we are faced with today in our cities. I served in our military to help protect our rights to be free and it is sad to watch manipulators like Obama, Polisi, Reed and their legions of socialist, actually incite these idiots to take over public domain and businesses in lawless manners.

Our current Attorney General has done more to incite race hatred in America than anyone in the history of the Republic. If Obama was a leader he would have replaced this inept bigot after his first demonstration of failure to prosecute those who violated our voting laws. Sadly Obama has divided this country in an attempt to destroy the Republic by using ethnic and wealth as tools to incite the violence. If FDR had done this when we were attacked in 1941, I would have likely been raised speaking German or Japanese. The difference was FDR was a leader.

Leaders are born to lead and the great ones used our educational system to advance their knowledge. Today we have a socialist President, who was obviously not born to lead, but used the educational system to learn how to divide the people to gain and maintain power. Obama is currently on an ego trip, armed with power far beyond his comprehension or ability to control, slowly destroying our rights to be free of oppression. The really sad part is with incompetents like Reed, Polisi and their army of yes men, they are succeeding in the systematic destruction of America while we watch and do nothing.

Our national media is their biggest source of support. If we stop reading and watching these clowns drivel they will self-destruct. Their objective is to deceive rather than lead.  All they really desire is to kiss Obama’s feet and gain notoriety.

My advice, throw them all out including the media. Replace the politicians with your vote. Eliminate the biased media by not tuning in or reading their trash. All this segment of society has ever wanted was to take your hard earned money and give it to the people who refuse to work for a living.     

C Brewer

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  1. This sounds more like a rant against education in general rather than just liberals.

    • Liberals have destroyed education in America. Education has degraded so low we are even failing to educate the illegals we provide it to free. Higher education today is nothing more that subsidizing eggheads who can’t make a living elsewhere. That sounds an awful lot like Congress too!

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