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Watching Congress and Obama manage our future is like watching a ship that has been abandoned. Their combined failure to accept common sense is one of the saddest times in my life. Even an idiot, who has watched Europe destroy itself with socialism, should see we are on a path to self-destruct fiscally. Using their term, “kick the can down the road” must stop and someone must emerge to lead this country back to sanity.

The childish behavior of Obama and the democratic leaders of Congress are beyond shameful. They have created this mess pandering to the poor, they brain washed our youth, the illegals and most Faithful African American’s who seek socialism they already have. Extending welfare to stop people from seeking work is a sorry way to ask to be re-elected.

While we watch this power struggle, Nero Obama jumps ship to fly away to Hawaii while Washington DC burns. Every time there is a need for leadership, he makes sure he is far enough away to just criticize anyone who tries to bring sanity back to America. Congress which should be the rudder, jumped ship a long time ago and has no conception of leadership. All we have in Washington today is perpetual action to get re-elected.

These supposed leaders have learned how to brain wash the people with promises of wealth for all whether you want to work or not. They have divided the people with racial accusations the last three years and actually promoted insurrection as a method to destroy our economy. I suggest Eric Holder, should be charged with treason for his race baiting performance. They have all ignored the fact that all citizens are created equal under our Constitution.

In addition to spending us into bankruptcy to achieve their objective, they prohibit the use of our natural resources and fund our enemies who desire to eliminate us. By over regulating everything, they can keep the ones who vote for them unemployed until they destroy the economy. A fact to bear out their methods was on the news this morning.

The Panama Canal is being enlarged to allow ships twice as large as the ones today to pass through. This will be complete in 2014. Fox news reported this morning that the port of Charleston SC will have to be made deeper to allow these larger ships access. They finished a project to make the access five foot deeper in the last five years. When they made a request recently to the Corps of Engineers for action to meet the 2014 need date, they were told it would be 2024 before the two year project could be completed. The really sad part of this story is why. It would take eight years to complete all of the regulatory requirements before the actual work could be even started.

We were once the greatest nation on earth when people were proud and had a chance to create their own destiny. The days of being able to achieve self-actualization of your dreams, as I did, are over.

This is a sad day for me and my heirs who have dreams of following my footsteps.     C Brewer

Revised at Noon 12-22-11 Nero Obama is on national TV at this moment dividing America with sad tales obviously concocted to further incite violence. This has to be stopped and if the House of Representatives folds again and does not stop the spending madness they should be impeached. The entire Congress needs to resign if they can’t bite the bullet, “NOW”. CB

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