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Although it was no surprise to me, John Boehner, folded like a marshmallow with Obama’s threat. The Republicans are as leaderless in Congress as Obama is with freedom loving Americans.

This is just one more reason that if we can’t get rid of all of them we are doomed. With his usual scowling face this morning, Harry “NO” Reid scolded all new Republicans that they just do not understand that Congress only functions with compromise. His leadership in the Senate has not produced a budget in over 900 days. One of Congress’s primary responsibilities is a common sense budget. He has no idea what compromise consists of.

What Mr. Reid failed to explain to the people is that compromise must be whatever he, Nancy Pelosi and Obama want. Any attempt to modify their plan is a racial attack on the President and will eliminate our middle class. So far they have done more damage to the middle class than the last ten Presidents combined.

I would really like for them to explain why my retirement savings have been reduced by 30+% in just the last three years. My insurance has increased about the same 30%. My utilities have increased about 30%. My gasoline has increased about 30%. I can go on and on as I can think of nothing that has become cheaper.

I suppose I am one of the lucky people, in their mind. I am retired and have supplemental income from a business I helped create over 20 years ago. We got no government loans to start the business and we have some 30 people who depend on the business to survive. Since Obama was elected our profits have fallen 59%. If the trend continues we will reach the non-profit status in the near future. Who cares if 30 people are added to the unemployed and the taxes they now pay disappear.

Stop and add up the positives and negatives of my position and the future is not so positive. If the trends stay on the current paths I guess my wife and I could try to go back to work. I doubt we could ever find a job. The unemployment in my county is currently over 15%.

There is another option the Democrats continue to insist is humane; we could draw unemployment as it would be more than our Social Security and probably tax-free? 

Our only hope is that a leader can be found that is unconcerned about re-election and shuts the government down, including Congress, and start over. The 99% may smell, steal, destroy and jump off a cliff. What they fail to recognize is that us common folks have the military on our side when they start an insurrection.


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