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When I thought there was nothing else he could do to wreck our country, he now is blatantly violating the Constitution.

Up to now he has just ignored our laws on illegal aliens, intimidating voters rights, massacred the rights of GM and Chrysler bond holders, created 26 years old as the beginning of adulthood, destroyed the petroleum industry, forced people to buy insurance, opened the White House to every progressive with money, the unions and tree huggers. He has just about destroyed the economy by spending us into bankruptcy with promises of prosperity for everyone.

He must be the most envied person on earth by every con man alive or dead with the charade he has accomplished in just 3 years. No wonder the main stream media blindly worships his every act of destruction; they fear his power and can watch him destroy the free press competition. Even Fox News has realigned its programming to ease up the reporting of his destruction of our freedoms.

He has assumed near complete control of our government by thumbing his nose at Congress and they just sit there and do nothing. He has reshaped the judicial with radical progressive appointments to the Supreme Court. If he gets to make one more appointment to the court, he will have total control of all US government for the first time in modern history. If he can gain total control of the military, he will be the first Dictator of the United States. He has gained all of this power without the use of military. That would make Hitler, Chavez, Stalin and Mao blush with envy.

All he had to do was divide this country using class warfare, perceived racial bias and socialistic promises of sharing all wealth equally.

If his power is not slowed down and he is re-elected, he will be President for life or our first Dictator. He has the unions 100%; the environmentalist 100%, the dead 100%, Academia 100%, and his Mickey Mouse and other cartoon friends are alive in all 50 states. He fights every attempt to make people show positive identification to vote and supports voter intimidation at the polling places to scare old people to stay away from the polls. He has generated more hatred in America than George Wallace and the Klu Klux Klan.

He preaches that we need more jobs and ignores the creation of 20,000 new jobs instantly by granting authority for one pipeline that will ease the need to buy oil from our enemies. He knows that he will upset either the tree huggers or the unions regardless of his decision, but he knows that he will not lose one vote. These mindless, socialist robots would not vote for a republican if God ran for President. His hatred for the oil industry and compassion for his Muslim world are the only logical reasons for his denying the pipeline project.

All of you young people that put this egomaniac in power will live to pay for his folly. Get your heads out of your posterior and wake up. You’ve been had and you will have no one to blame but yourselves. Socialism has never been successful in improving anything.

C Brewer

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  1. Questionman on said:

    I keep reading in these comments how Obama is a socialist bent on destroying America. Yet no one ever gives any examples of what he is doing specifically to destroy America nor does anyone ever explain why he is considered a Socialist. The only thing sometimes mentioned is the health care law. But Republicans were for it before they were against it when the Obama administration pushed it through Congress. It was based largely on the very same law that Romney pushed through in Massachusetts. When it was supported by Republicans, it was not Socialist, but when supported by Democrats it is?

    Let’s face it, for most bigots, the election of our first African American President was a frightening prospect. Then, once it became fact, and there were no “chads” involved, the real feelings of these intellectual midgets were realized, and the ugliness began. Tom DeLay was overhead saying snarky things about not wanting to be part of an “OBAMA-NATION,” legislation became an obstructionist tool to defeat even the most well-meaning legislation, states started PROPOSING CHANGES TO THEIR VOTING REGISTRATION REQUIREMENTS – all in the hope of discouraging and PREVENTING minorities from voting in the future….the list goes on and on. THE BLATANT AND OPEN DISRESPECT SHOWN THIS PRESIDENT IS A DISGRACE…NATIONALLY AND INTERNATIONALLY .

    You are a disgrace to all Americans.

    • I suppose you hide your name as you are ashamed to let people know you have your head up your posterior like my previous commenter, George. Well you can read my response to George as the same applies to all idiots. What have you accomplished in your lifetime to improve our freedom as it appears you desire to destroy mine?

  2. George Walsh on said:

    The hatred, venom and lies that you spew are amazing. I find it very difficult to believe that any intelligent humna being could be so completely ignorant and full of fear. Clearly, There are other bananna heads out there who believe this small thinking stupidity. It is people like you, and the blind, irrational hatred you preach, that are responsible for all of the wars that have plagued the human race from the beginning of time. I think you should buy one of the new Obama coffee mugs that have his birth certificate printed on it!

    • George, with your head lodged in your posterior you will never be able to understand “FACTS”. Your Emperior is bankrupting America on purpose. That is a fact.
      I served in the military to allow nut cases like you express yourself with freedom of speech. That freedom does not force me to read your drivel but I approved your comment wso that others can see how blind you and others can be. CB

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