A Conservative View

Praying that Donald Trump can save America in 2024!


Republican’s will never win the white house again because they have too many different factions that do not understand unity. I am so sick of watching the genocide I no longer even watch Fox news. Anyone with a scintilla of knowledge can see that Obama is a shoo-in for re-election.

He has 45,000,000 people on food stamps, over 10,000,000 on permanent unemployment, without spending a dime for their votes. He has 100% of the hard core union labor people, 95% of African Americans and legal aliens and 100% of the illegal’s cinched. When you add 80% of the Jewish voters, 100% of the Socialist, 100% of the communists, 100% of hard core democrats and the dead people just in Illinois, he has a cake walk.

The republicans should calm down and select someone to be the election that can win in 2016. They should focus on winning the Senate and the House to be able to freeze the spending. This is the only way to survive until the next election cycle that will provide a fight for the democratic nomination.

I live in “deep” East Texas where only one county republican has ever won an election. This was for Justice of the Peace

When I first moved here over 20 years ago my wife and I overheard a conversation of blue overall gentlemen at a local café. One statement rang out, loud and clear, when one of them stated, “I would vote for a dog before I would vote for a republican”, he was cheered by the other four. These were hard core conservatives who would roll over in their graves if they could see what has happened to America in just the last three years.

As a footnote, our County Judge, Sheriff and one other incumbent have announced they will run in the Republican primary this year for the first time. This does not infer that democrats in this county are all liberals or progressives; it just means some now understand that democrats are no longer conservative as they were when I grew up.

Do not get me wrong as I will vote for whoever the republicans nominate just in case enough republicans decide to stop the internal civil war and join forces. I just do not believe they will as they never have before.

Back to the Congressional election, let me say we have a lot of so called conservatives currently in office, that need replacing. The leadership in the House that gained the majority has acted like lap dogs to let Obama scare them in to wasting our tax dollars. Because of the seniority rules they will not elect intelligent people, like Paul Ryan and a few others, as Speaker. Remember the Speaker of the House is second in line to be President should Obama and what’s his name were impeached. I suffer when I hear his name as he is the most incompetent Vice President since the wizard of the Internet and “Green” gazillionare under Clinton.

Let’ clean house in November and stop this madness.

C Brewer

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