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 Ron is a true American patriot that served his country willingly. He is also a friend and I wanted to share his “Conservative View” on my blog. I hope every freedom loving American will forward this to everyone they know!  C Brewer

Are all Liberals and Democrats gullible or are they just so ideologically brainwashed that they can’t tell when the main stream media strings them along on a wild goose chase, while suppressing the real issue?  For example, how many chose to ignore that Ms Sandra Fluke was denied an opportunity to appear before a congressional sub-committee because she wasn’t qualified to speak on health and medical issues, SO, Nancy Pilosi invited Ms Fluke to a press conference, to present her complaint; that she has so much recreational sex, that she can’t afford the $1000 a year she needs to pay for her own contraception.  Despite the fact that she could get all the condoms or birth control pills she needed, from Planned Parenthood or any of a number of other government agencies.  Sandra is not a wide eyed 23 year old coed!  She is a 30 something, women’s right’s activist who knew what the George Town University’s catholic based, student health policies were, before she ever enrolled at that school.  
Ms Fluke wants someone else to foot the bill for her sexual activities by giving her the contraception devices for free.  But, those things aren’t free.  Insurance rates and taxes will go up if the American tax payer and citizens are forced to fund her activities.  That’s the issue and not the red herring of women’s health. 
If Ms Fluke wants to engage in recreational sex, God bless her, just don’t make me pay for it.  If that position makes me a non caring, mean spirited, conservative Republican, so be it!! 
Ron Jenkins
9001 Antietam Drive,
San Antonio, TX, 78239

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  1. Bravo—

  2. tadpole on said:

    yikes, Recreational Sex and Nancy Pelosi in same article.

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