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 Please forward this before it is removed from sight. These are the facts that our media will not broadcast for fear of Obama and Congress. FOX will even run from this one.   C Brewer

The Catholic Church is a major roadblock in Obama’s quest to bring complete Socialismto the USA.This video explains why Obama and his CZARS must divide and conquer the voters. They have succeeded with using wealth and pandering to the women to divide the country, but they must divide the Catholics Church to complete their mission. Catholic or not, every American needs to warch this video. Please watch this and froward this to every freedom loving American you know. Turn on the sound.

“God Save America”.

Thanks Phil


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  1. Hey: many thanks for taking time of writing up this important information. I normally make an effort to further more my idea of elements. Whether I agree or disagree, I like material. I do not forget the previous days when the only source of details was the library or even the newspaper. They equally feel so out of date. : )

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