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My last posting was related to Muslim beliefs and their vision of how to live with other religions. Boil it all down and they will accept us only after we are dead. America is now undergoing a transition to accept European Socialism as our future rather than remain a Republic. I know that I will be attacked as a chauvinist for posting this article. Nothing could be farther from the truth if you ask my wife, five Daughters, nine granddaughters and two great grand- daughters.  

I just do not understand how so many educated and normal American women are driven to covet and promote Socialism? I totally understand why uneducated women, who have never had to work, but receive all of their money, for not working by having more children to escape poverty. God gave them the reproductive body, lust gives them the pleasure and the Democrats give them someone else’s money to vote for them. They are slaves already.

Women have been fighting for equality all of my life and they have always deserved the same opportunity to succeed as any man in America. America had its first member of the House of Representatives in 1917. The first woman Senator was elected in 1922. Today we have 17 women Senators and 79 women in the House. Today we have three female Supreme Court Justices. It took 189 years before Sandra Day O’Conner was sworn in 1981. It has been a long hard struggle and in 2008, a majority of women elected our first Progressive Muslim President.

It now appears that Obama will use women again to get re-elected. Boy, are most women in for a big surprise when they get their wish. The recent fiasco about birth control is a perfect example of memorizing women, who truly have no idea they are being used as pawns. The Socialist leadership, that has bought the Democratic Party, knows every way possible to use a crisis, even a trumped up one, for their advantage.

Women, welfare and Unions elected President Obama, along with our growing and culpable youth wanting change. What we got is a bag full of socialistic garbage.  It will take twenty years to overcome, if Obama resigned today. Let me send every American woman a message to remember, if Obama gets four more years you will eventually end up with the same freedoms the women of Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia have today. Just observe what European Socialism has done already with Sharia law.

Remember that women could not even vote in America 100 years ago, they still can’t in many Muslim countries today. Women have made more progress towards equal opportunity in the last forty years than most expected. This was most deserved and long overdue. This new found power produced new generations of intelligent women who have succeeded in the business world. Women with the power of the vote have also given us Nancy Polosi, Sheila Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters, Elena Keegan, Ruth Ginsberg, and Soria Sotomayor with political power. Come to think of it this group would all look better in a Burka.

Look at the women in the media today, including Fox News. For every conservative woman there are at least five progressive liberals telling you how to vote, some covertly and most overtly. I stopped watching the news media as we now have 24 hour, 7 days a week, 366 days this year on election campaigns. They next cycle will begin November 7, 2012, the day after the election. The only relief will be that Obama will not be running for anything anymore. He will have four more years to get elected “King or Emperor or hopefully return to Chicago and construct a monument to his destruction of our Republic.

I pray that every American woman alive will open their eyes to what they are going to lose when the Muslims eventually achieve control of our country. They need to read the Quran and understand Sharia law to see what freedom they will have in the future. Take a moment to visit http://eHow.com and you can see the latest women’s fashions.  Like it or not we already have a Muslim President. Remember if it waddles like a duck, quacks like a duck it is not a swan.

Read about the population explosion in Europe that has already introduced Shiria law. Are you ready to buy your daughter a Hijab which is the first step in the process? Maybe you should just skip a step and get you and your daughters some Burka’s? Are you ready to see your daughters face female circumcision? I bet your daughters will not enjoy having no education. Women will not have to worry about birth control pills as their only reason to live is to produce sons.

American women who desire the loss of their freedoms should just move to Europe or other Muslim countries to be happy. Muslim women have no freedoms and if you could just witness how they are treated, as I have, they are nothing more than sex slaves. They are one notch below a camel to a Muslim man.

Unfortunately, it now appears that women, welfare and Unions, will give Barrack Hussein, (a good Jewish name) another four years.


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