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This is my third posting to show how the Muslims appreciate our help to free them again. Most Americans do not remember how many of young allied service men died in Libya freeing the world from Hitler, I do and this video makes me sick. I understand why Obama will not mention this, but how can our supposed news media ignore this animal behavior. C. Brewer


Thank you, President Obama, for helping to liberate Libya and allowing your Muslim brothers to desecrate the graves of American soldiers and those of our allies.  
I feel so much better about your apologies on behalf of the USA after some of our troops burned four Qurans that had been improperly used to send messages between prisoners. 
Does anyone know any other breed of people that are so despicable, so base, so without honor? 
Did anybody see anything on this in the news…it’s a good thing Obama can’t control the Internet…yet.
Nice (?) people!!Thanks Ron……………………….I’LL SHARE THIS.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQWskXeeuf0

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