A Conservative View

Praying that Donald Trump can save America in 2024!


I hope every American loves this country as much as I do? No one can possibly love it more than I do. Go out of your way today to tell a veteran and every active duty member of our military that you appreciate their service. What freedoms we have left we owe to these brave people and the ones who gave their life to protect our Republic.

God was abundantly fair to let me be born in this great country and also instill in me the pride that is being destroyed for my children. God gave me a mind but I chose to use it. God gave me the courage and confidence that drove my success. It was my responsibility to use these assets. God chooses to provide most Americans the same opportunity.

Unfortunately we are watching our government slowly replace God in the hearts of our people. Love of our freedoms, unselfishness, hard work and pride has been replaced. Now we have a President of this country, who did not challenge his own wife, when she said in context, “Until my Husband became President, I never loved this country”, why? We have a President who is destroying our freedoms and prosperity on purpose and using race as the bait to hope for anarchy in the streets. He smiles and lies to create a welfare society and sadly, he is succeeding.

Who on earth, that is able to provide for their family, would desire to work if they had everything given to them free. The answer is any freedom loving, self driven patriot. Backed by a Congress, Judiciary, and greedy lobbyist, America is being driven towards failure and on purpose. Let me pose two specific questions that every American should answer with honesty. I could add so many others that no one would read the entire message.

1. Why do we empower other nations to strip us of jobs by letting politicians pander to greedy unions? Unions don’t create jobs, especially government unions.

2. Why do we sit on our hands and see this country driven into bankruptcy by buying petroleum from others to enrich them, instead of putting people to work and selling petroleum products to our friends? Why? The Obama team, tree huggers, environmental nuts and the EPA are the Arabs best friends. They are supported by a Congress that is useless and too many Americans who expect others to provide for their lazy asses.

I served in the military, enjoyed a successful career and provided for us to comfortably retire without being a burden on my heirs. I really enjoyed 76 of my nearly 82 years with total happiness. Now Obama and his treacherous allies in Congress have taken 30% of my savings, doubled my healthcare costs and because I am over 75 a healthcare panel will now decide when I die.

There are some things they can’t take away from me until Government, instead of God, decides when the fat lady sings. They can’t take away my pride, honor, love for God, my family and hope.

They also can’t prohibit me, at least not yet, from asking every freedom loving American to wake up and clean house in Washington D.C. in November.

Even the blind can see what these misguided, power hungry, greedy, bleepity bleeps (the Navy taught me some rather seedy language that Norma corrected), have already done to America. Can you imagine what four more years can destroy?      

Again let me wish every American a happy fourth of July from someone who still salutes our flag, prays to God and gets teary every time I hear the Star Spangled Banner.




C. Brewer July 4th, 2012

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  1. Jay H on said:

    Happy Independence Day, Clyde. Our household loves to read your daily writings. Wish you and your wife a great day. Thank you again for your efforts to research, compile, and write for all to partake.

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