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Reviewing the past has reminded me just how rotten, dishonest and corrupt politics has become in the country I love so deeply. The Majority Leader, Harry Reid, finally stooped so low it made me sick to my stomach. To stand on the peoples Senate floor and outright liable another American is unacceptable behavior for a patient in an insane asylum. To crawl in a gutter and make outright lies to help Obama get re-elected should be grounds to impeach any elected official, much less from the Senate floor.

I pray that Mr. Romney will force Harry Reid to prove his charges in a court of law. Even the Political Supreme Court (PSC) would vote 9-0 to find him guilty. I renamed the Court as it is now 100% political in every decision it makes. It matters not if something is Constitutional, they follow political lines in every decision they make. Lawyers who do not follow the “LAW” are disbarred. This apparently does not apply to the “PSC”. It certainly does not apply to anyone in Congress or the Executive branch and Obama.

Watching the Justice Department under the thumb of Eric Holder openly ignore the laws of the land is sickening. Martin Luther King would turn over in his grave if he watched Holder’s blatant actions designed to create anarchy in America. When our top law enforcement officer refuses to enforce any law he should be tried in a court for treason. He gets censured by the House and just thumbs his nose at the law.

The really sad part is our sitting President and Commander in Chief of our armed services refuses to admonish anyone in Congress or in his executive branch for these crimes. Obama has the scruples of Satan when it comes to his performance. He has only one objective in mind, to destroy the Republic and replace it with a Monarchy. He can lie daily, smiling into the cameras. He can refuse to expose his own records, yet watch Harry Reid and his White House advisors go on national TV and chastise Romney to release everything. This accomplishes nothing but smear someone without facts.

That is politics today and I suppose some people enjoy the charade. It has certainly exposed our network news as the most biased source of mis-information in my lifetime that spans four decades. The network news used to be presented fairly and our commentators were revered by the people as “heroes”. Today they are paid to distort the news and maintain their job with political payback in the form of getting leaked information first. I can no longer watch the network news as it is so shamefully distorted, it is like watching cartoons.

One more comment about our Commander in Chief. Watching him ignore the flag is disgraceful. I feel so sorry for the members of the armed forces who must follow his orders. Watching their faces when he makes appearances, you can see they are disgusted with his lack of credentials and honesty. It must be degrading to watch him destroy our military superiority by using the resources to divide this country and destroy the middle class that it took so many years to create. Clinton nearly destroyed our military forces and it appears Obama will finish the job even if he loses the election.

You might think I am through and only despise Demoncrats. Untrue, the current House of Representatives under the leadership of John Boehner is a joke. The republicans are their own worst enemy. They have no clue how to maintain power or how to use it. They have let the abortion issue destroy themselves. They complain about what the democrats do wrong, like let the EPA destruction of hundreds of thousands of jobs, and then they vote to fund the EPA operations, why? I could go on further but it would waste my time and yours, they are all career politicians.

They write their own rules and really do not care what the people want. Re-election is the only goal of every politician from County Clerk to President. Tenure is power and they are masters of deceit. There is only one solution to fix the mess, term limits for every elected official and the judiciary system must be included. Tenure destroys honesty, integrity and enthusiasm. Just look at union seniority and the current university liberal slant of the professors who have lifetime jobs.

Does it bother anyone but me that these people are setting the example for the youth in America to use as a benchmark for their life? Are the “Demoncrats” really the ones that you want to have your children admire as “Heroes”?

Wow, I feel better now after sharing my feelings. Join me in forcing changes to make America the wholesome and free place it was when I was born.

C Brewer     

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