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This article is written for the young people in America who will likely never read it. I just wanted to compare the choices for the future for these new voters compared with the choices I had some 65 years ago. Compare the differences, especially concerning people to admire and revere to look up to.

When I graduated from high school at 16 in 1947 it was during an era of having many to choose from to admire. We had recently won a world war where the American people had proven themselves as the hardest working people on earth. We had also built a team of people who could produce everything we needed to be self-sufficient and still feed much of the world who were recovering.

Unfortunately finding a job was not an easy task as it is today. Sadly it was for different reasons. In 1947 we had thousands of unemployed as the military reductions and the closure of the defense industry created a job shortage for those with experience. This eliminated jobs for young people, like me, who had no experience. Continuing education was impossible for the ones of us who had families who escaped from the great depression with only enough to sustain from month to month.

As my choices were limited, I chose to enlist in the US Navy and allow my family to avoid having an extra mouth to feed and no additional income. My only brother was luckier as his athletic ability provided him a college education, an eventual commission and 24 years in the US Army. One thing the Navy accomplished was my transition from a boy to a man in a hurry. I have never regretted my service as it taught me to take care of myself and be willing to help others.

I had an abundance of heroes to worship like MacArthur, Eisenhower, Patton, and Nimitz just to name a few. Politicians to admire were unnecessary although we had Churchill, Truman and a few who were honest and forthright individuals. We had industrialists and philanthropists like Carnegie, Rockefeller, Eastman, Ford, and Firestone Getty that were revered. My early school years would have been lost without our local Carnegie library as in the late 1930’s there was little to do as there was no money. This library was the most important asset in my life as it was free. It allowed me the chance to learn far beyond the educational system which was far better than what our children have today.

Our newspapers, radio and the evolving television media provided news about the wars, wholesome family entertainment and little political news except scandalous activity. It also was limited to the few weeks before an election, not the 24/7/365 we have to avoid today. We never had journalists who lied, slanted and openly supported individuals on the air and seldom in print.

We also had crooked politicians who avoided the media as they had to be re-elected on their performance rather than espouse the things wrong with their opponent. We had people who wanted to find a job rather than depend on leeching off the people who had jobs. Churches, charities and neighbors took care of the ones who were unable to work. We were allowed to pray at the school and football games. We were proud to salute our flag and repeat the Pledge of Allegiance to our flag.

Now let us review the future for the children of today. The Media completely ignores the leaders of our military unless they screw up. You seldom read or hear anything positive about these leaders who have spent most of their lives protecting us from our enemies. They do not choose who we fight, the politicians do. They just do what they were educated and trained to do and with excellence. I would wager that if you ask any teenager who graduated this year to name the Chief of Staff for the military, 100% would not know. I doubt that 98% of our media would know. I doubt that 99% of all Americans do not know. This is sad as the media has ignored the military importance to America ever since Viet Nam. The military did not authorize that war or any war, the politicians did.

Our children have the movie and television stars to admire and use as role models. Do Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton make wonderful role models for all young ladies today? How about Sean Penn as the role model for the boys and young men?

The next place for the youth to look for role models is today’s political leaders. We have a President who can lie better with a straight face than anyone in history. We have Charles Rangel who has openly lied, evaded taxes and gets re-elected after being censored by the House of Representatives. We have a Secretary of the Treasury who evaded paying income taxes and was approved without even paying what he owed by the US Senate and he is still there. We have an Attorney General who refuses to prosecute people selectively and openly who break our laws. He was convicted of contempt of Congress and he still serves today. If someone created a list of all politicians who have lied, cheated, evaded taxes and a myriad of other lawless events, it would be too long to publish. If we actually impeached all of them there would only be a few left to misguide our entire government.   

Now we have a majority of Americans who live on welfare, unemployment, government and union pensions and many have never worked a day in their life. Why would they want to work if jobs were created? We are trying to provide 100% of all students a college education. We will have an abundance of leaders but who will they lead? If everyone who works, works for the government managing our welfare society who will pay the taxes to pay them?

There is only one solution and it is called jobs. Nothing will improve our economy without jobs. We might be able to afford Obamacare if all people who are not invalids agree to work and pay taxes. One thing is certain we can’t afford what Obama and his team of Socialists have dumped on real Americans who love freedom.

Now the Democrats have provided a new “HERO” for the young people to admire. Last week the Majority Leader of the US Senate, Harry Reid, made the sickest political attack ever connived openly in the Senate chamber. His baseless rumored charges regarding Governor Romney honesty was the lowest, dirtiest attack I have ever witnessed.

It proves to me that no democrat really desires to create jobs when they must make sure to get over 50% of the people on government subsistence to get re-elected. They know that Romney can create jobs as he has the facts to prove it.

You have the clearest choice in November than any young adult in history by asking yourself two questions;

Do I want to be a successful American and provide for my own destiny? 


Is my goal in life to just exist and live off of others who actually work and pay taxes?

This is a simple decision but one that will decide if all of the brave people who have died protecting our right to be free, did so in vain.

C Brewer

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