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Everyone currently on Medicare needs to wake up and understand exactly who is pushing grandma off the cliff. I am certain all Americans understand that Medicare is funded with taxes designed to provide Social Security and Medicare. To make sure everyone knows these taxes are only required to be paid by people who earn money working in private industry.

Look at the exceptions Obama purposely does not mention in his propaganda campaign. He gets a pass from exposure from the network news media that he and George Soros own and control. Let’s review some of the occupations that do not pay into the Sociality System;  Policemen, Firemen, Teachers, Government employees at all levels including the States, people on welfare, Unemployed workers, SSI disabled, prisoners, Pell grant students and Professors at State universities.

Oh, and before I forget to include, Dead people in the blue States and especially south Texas. ACORN is alive and functioning in every state under assumed names where necessary.

Now let’s look at Obama’s glorious record for job creation during his first and hopefully last term as President. He just cancelled Clintons “Work for Welfare” initiative. When the ones on welfare did work they paid Social Security taxes. The media just doesn’t feel this is important enough to report.

Just this year the Obama administration has added 2,000.000 more people drawing SSI disability from guess where, the Social Security Trust Fund that is broke. Regardless of age if they remain on this program for two years they will be able to receive free Medicare insurance. Medicare is not free for people who work or worked in private industry. I pay some $650 a month for my wife and I to have Medicare and it increases every year

Depending on whose facts or propaganda you follow, Obama has proudly created some 2,000,000 more jobs for additional government bureaucrats. He has increased the number of unemployed and underemployed by 11,000,000. He has added 14,000,000 people to the 25,000,000 who now receive food stamps. What a fantastic record to hide from while seeking re-election. He has eliminated over 60,000,000 people from having to pay Social Security taxes, “WOW”.

His crown jewel of accomplishments he shoved down the taxpayer’s throats was “Obamacare” or as I have tried to wake voters up should have been my title for this article.


OMAMASCARE, to fund his program he has taken over $700,000,000.00 from Medicare already. He tells us old people nothing will change in our coverage. If any American on Medicarebelieves this lie, they belong in a funny farm (Mental Institution). In fact any voter who believes Obama’s lies should be institutionalized. This should also include the 14,000,000 illegal aliens who will vote for him. All dead voters are exempt.

Can you imagine what it will cost when these people reach their retirement age? We currently have a shortage of “Rest Homes” to care for the elderly and disabled. When the mass of poor people and illegals reach old age and the need for public care, where will the money come from?

Seniors, are you satisfied that the 15 bureaucrats appointed by Obama will determine how much of the current Medicare coverage you will be left with? I had rather my doctor make my healthcare decisions like he does today, do you?

“Demoncrats” refuse to tell the truth about our economic crisis, WHY, because they have ruined the country. Sadly even the Republicans do not understand what is normally referred to as “common sense”. One thing is certain; they will do a slower job of creating Socialism than the current phonies in power in Washington D.C.  

Well, Obama and his Congressional stogies have reduced my retirement savings by 30%. They have assured that my heirs will never have the freedom I have enjoyed. They have destroyed the American dream of free enterprise. They have destroyed the future for the youth of America, who will have to pay for all of this madness.

Obama has caused the unemployment figure to be reduced by one. I will be 82 next week and I just went back to work. I will now pay into the Social Security system, more to the IRS and to Virginia state income taxes.

This is going to surprise a lot of people who know I live in Texas and even some of my family and close friends. I helped start a company in Virginia some 20 years ago and I have paid Virginia state income taxes for nothing in return. This was my penalty for creating jobs for all of these years. Now I have been advised by Obama himself that I did not create these jobs, the government did. Unfortunately the government did or does not pay my taxes. They only created an economy that robbed me of my savings. If this evil person is re-elected I doubt that the savings they have left me with will be worth a dime on the dollar.

I challenge anyone to dispute this message in writing. I will be happy to post any significant factual corrections and excuses for the current debacle in D.C. I have posted over 460 articles on this blog in the past 22 months and only received 2 negative comments. One was posted and the other came from someone at a “Funny Farm”.

C Brewer 

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7 thoughts on “OBAMASCARE = MEDISCARE!

  1. Glen Provost on said:

    Clyde – I don’t mean to nitpick but there are two fairly glaring inaccuracies in your article. I worked for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, a large federal agency, for more than a decade and paid into Social Security every year of my employment. I was also a professor at two different state universities in Texas and paid into Social Security the entire time I occupied both positions.
    One other point. I believe it is something of a mis-characterization for people to be calling the Affordable Care Act “Obamacare.” I think it would be far more accurate and certainly for more fair to refer to it as “OCongresscare.” The Affordable Care Act passed by Congress hardly resembles the legislation that was originally introduced on Obama’s behalf. The current Affordable Care Act is as much the creation of bought-off members of Congress, both Democratic and Republican and the special interests to whom they are beholden, as it is an Obama creation. The health insurance companies, hospital associations, pharmaceutical companies, and many others virtually rewrote the legislation to their liking and then found a virtual army of willing members of Congress to make sure the legislation finally passed took very good care of them.
    Whether the Affordable Care Act as initially envisioned by Obama was a good or bad idea is certainly open to debate, but the legislation actually passed and popularly referred to as Obamacare is in fact the end product of a sordid collection of some of the most unpatriotic, uncaring, and greedy people alive.
    — Glen

    • I promised to print any reply and Glen is a friend. We seldom agree on social issues but constructive debate provides people options to make up their mind. I feel Obama is destroying America and Glen obviously disagrees.

      • Glen Provost on said:

        Clyde – Though I do support Obama over Romney, my earlier comment was not intended as a defense of either Obama or the Affordable Care Act. The point I was trying to make, and evidently did not articulate very well, is that the real political culprit that is escaping both our scrutiny and our wrath is Congress. Just this morning a national poll was released indicating that the approval rating of Congress is a mere 12% which, at first blush, would seem to provide evidence that the public understands the dismal and disgraceful record and conduct of Congress. However, as I have written elsewhere, it is virtually certain that in excess of 90% of the members of Congress in spite of their collective 12% approval rating will be reelected and allowed to continue their corrupt and profligate ways. In contrast, every single eligible voter in the U.S. will have the opportunity, should they choose to exercise it, to make their make their feelings known about Obama and his opponent Romney. Should those voters agree with you and oust Obama, I will sincerely respect that decision and the collective will of the people of this great country. What I cannot respect and do not accept as either fair or even sane, is a system that not only permits but seems to even endorse conduct by a Congress whose members are not only patently and unabashedly corrupt but allowed to avoid being held accountable for shamelessly swimming nude in the Sea of Galilee, groping teenage pages, engaging in internet sex on government computers, and accumulating vast amounts of personal wealth at taxpayer expense. That, Clyde, is my real concern, and I believe it should be the primary concern of every citizen in America.
        — Glen

      • Glen, we neither have any respect for Congress and you know I support all of the work you have done to get people to demand term limits. I suppose your savings were not damaged by the reckless disregard for people who worked hard to avoid being a burden on their family that were a direct objective of your President. Unfortunately it did whack my savings unnecessarily to support social spending that is un-American. Obama could not lead the Pied Pipers rats off the wharf. We both had similar lives that my heirs will never enjoy but have to pay for the waste. Read my next bolg with a letter from a 95 year old veteran to Obama and you will see why those of us who served and the millions that died to make us free can’t stomach this coward. CB

  2. “We have a presidential election coming up. And I think the big problem, of course, is that someone will win.” Nicely said ?.

  3. Anonymous on said:

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