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Listening to Obama’s radio message this morning was another reason seniors better wake up and read between the lines. It is what he does not say that should scare the daylights out of anyone currently on Medicare.

His words were he was going to save Medicare, what he omitted to include he is saving it for people under 75 years old. He has already robbed over $700,000,000.00 from Medicare and wrecked the senior advantage program. The way he will save the rest is by denying treatment. He has the authority to appoint a “Committee of Fifteen” bureaucrats (Democratic Death Panel) under Obamascare, to decide if you have lived long enough.

These political appointees will replace your doctor and they decide if it costs too much to save your life. 

If you doubt my message read the legislation yourself.

For those of you under 75 today, you will be someday if you are lucky like me. Wake up and throw the entire Demoncratic party out. Even if the Republicans are nearly as bad, they have a reasonable plan that will allow you to keep using your own doctor until you croak.

If you are not 65, just croak before you get there and not have to worry.

C Brewer


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