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Political Advice from Abroad

I have a great Scottish friend who immigrated to Canada and then to Australia who provided me with the following advice about my article, YOUNG AMERICAN’S – YOU BLINDLY ELECTED OBAMA – NOW GET READY TO PAY FOR IT! 

His comments; 

“Strong words Clyde and no doubt heart felt. The question I would like to ask is ‘Do you want to elect the representative of the party who over ten years left the country in the largest financial mess since the Great Depression? The facts you discuss are the result of the failed financial programs of the Bush years. I recognize that your side blames the Democratic house for the mess, but Bush reigned over that and was not able to control the decline. There was no chance Obama, or anyone else, was going to fix the problems in four years, never mind the eight he is asking for. The tea-party caused the Republicans, and Bohmer, to decide to never agree to any proposal by Obama just to discredit him until the next election. That has only exacerbated the problem. Until the next President, from either side, can get bi-partisan agreements to fix the financial problems, which as I said before I think will have to include a larger tax intake, the problems you correctly outlined will never be fixed, no matter who reigns in the Whitehouse! And that would be the shame.”


Signed, a Middle of the Roader.


I removed his name. I do appreciate getting feedback on everything I write and my response was intended to explain in as few words as possible what came from the heart. I love this country, proudly served in the Navy but my respect for our government has all but disappeared. I apologize for some terms I used to explain how I feel but the Navy educated me to use some salty words when I enlisted at 17.

My response; I support the candidate who can cause the least harm. None of our politicians in Congress, the Executive Branch or the Supreme Court are honest or ethical but they neverwill be and since I started voting in 1951, never have been. Here you vote against the worst one running. I am not a democrat or a republican anymore. I have been a member of both when they represented the people rather than a cushy pension, insider stock tips, fraud, graft, bribery and theft.

I learned this in Canada during a 4 month stay in Montreal during an election. The owner of the place I lived in taught me that politics was for sale before I was 30. He placed his money in the hands of the challenger to oust a Premier who had been in office 9 years. He had never been able to get a liquor license for his restaurant because the holder of the only license permitted was paying the politicians more than he could afford. I was there the night of the election, his candidate won and he got his liquor license in two hours after the win. I will admit our politicians operate more covertly in the US but the results are the same. Only idiots from Chicago get caught and serve time.

Obama could not manage his way out of a paper sack with both ends open and a map. He has to have a Czar wipe his butt just because he can. Romney will at least get people back to work to help pay for our healthcare that Obama has robbed from the elderly to cover kids until they are 26 to bankrupt the insurance industry. When half of the country pays no taxes now, even those capable of working, something is bad wrong. Read my article I wrote about Denmark where I spent a lot of time. Everybody capable of work have to pay some 8% in taxes to pay for the healthcare costs. I can swallow this but we are now paying nearly 50% of able bodied workers, 13 million here illegally, to sit on their a** and let Ron and I pay for their groceries, gasoline, provide them cell phones and free college educations. I have grandkids who are borrowing thousands to attend college and actually have enough sense to become doctors, lawyers, CPA’s, engineers while these lazy bast***s going free never finish college as they know how to live free in the good old USA.

No one ever gave me a dime and I am not ashamed that I busted my ass to get my Master’s Degree at 47, pass the Registered Professional Engineering exam without an engineering degree at 48 and the Mensa exam at 49. The government gave me nothing as I was raised to provide for myself and by God I did. Now they have stripped me of $300,000 in savings to help feed Jose, his wife and kids because they deserve it, bull***t. Ask the Australian government to accept a few million from Indonesia or Mexico because they live in corrupt countries where the politicians and military own everything, then advise me on who I should vote for. I am not upset with you but you do not possess the facts I have discovered by reading, probing and sharing my experiences with as many people as I can entice to wake up before the US is in the same shape as Greece and Spain with many more Europeans approaching anarchy in the streets. That is Obama’s plan and he has divided this country worse that it was before the civil war.

C Brewer

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  1. You are a very capable individual!

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