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Along with five members of my family we just finished watching this movie in Arlington, Texas. I had read the book and was not sure the movie could add any substance. Was I wrong! This movie had a masterful impact on my family and was extremely easier to see what our 44th President plans for  your future.

The movie has the facts that prove my conclusion. If you voted for this person in 2008, the movie will convince you that you were brainwashed. Those afraid to watch this movie and still support Obama’s re-election should follow him to another country where the people have no desire to be free. He is the current pied piper blindly leading the weak to jump off of  tall buildings. The movie proved that if Obama had been a white man from Chicago who could sell ice to Eskimos he would have never been hired by Acorn or elected President.

Obama is the slickest con man ever born and I guess we were unlucky that his American mother and her parents were devout  Communists. He had no chance to be a free man as he was brainwashed from birth to destroy America’s successful history. Sadly the blind mice will not watch the movie or read the truth, as they do not have a mind of their own that can handle the factual truth.

C Brewer

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One thought on “2016: OBAMA’S DREAM

  1. Anonymous on said:

    When he started campaigning back in the early 2,000’s my friends and I even thought he was either the antichrist or the devil’s helper. You could see right through him. When he used to go on Opra Winfrey’s program he used to do nothing but brag about himself. You could tell he was narcisstic. The Dems and Independents were like mice following the pied piper. Typically brainwashed and turned into zombies.

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