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Praying that Donald Trump can save America in 2024!


If you are undecided, not on welfare, really don’t care or dead, you need to watch this video over and over again until it soaks in. This is not propaganda it is facts and he does not include the new tax on selling property and the wrecking of both Medicare and Medicaid. Spending and making OPEC rich is the problem and he opposes changing either one. Dick also forgot to mention what super inflation will do when we have to pay the bills. Every conservative blogger should publish this link to the video, I will. C Brewer 
This is the man that helped get Clinton elected President twice,and Governor of AR three times. You should watch this video…this is NOT a “phony.”
This is Dick Morris who used to work for the Clinton administration, he is a respected news contributor and author.
He knows what he is talking about. He investigates before reporting etc.
This is going to affect everyone! Click here

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