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This is a rather short video that we all should watch, appreciate and fully understand it’s meaning.  It is also one that everyone in our government should be forced to watch several times, at least until they get it!!!  If you are one of those that do not forward messages, please make this an exception and pass this along to everyone in you know.  I think, the words below say it all!!!This is not long and it brought tears to my eyes and a longing for a time long passed, one that maybe we can return to, if we care enough. This was edited as well as anything I have seen, with a real message.
Please, keep this going, to everyone, everywhere.  Thanks Jerry for sending it to me.  CB 

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  1. Baxter Henderson on said:

    I did listen to the whole message Clyde, and I do care. I do believe that he was an honest man sharing his belief with us. I also believe the message of the triumph of good over evil. It is in all of us to do the best we can, to be the best we can. The bible was written 400 years after Christ and by men for men. No person who wrote the books of the Bible lived in the time of Christ. The message is that we can all be better than we are. That I believe has always been, and will always be. But it is in ourselves, not by a supernatural being that we will overcome evil. However, if we are to overcome fear and evil by whatever means I will accept it.

    My fear is that those of the Christian belief, will not accept those of the Muslim belief, and the other way around, and that in the end is what will finish us all! Each one will take up arms against the other believing that their God is better that the other. That is the real fear!



    • Baxter, the fear of conflict between Christians and Muslims is real at some point in the future. Read the history of most wars has been over beliefs or bankers needs to accumulate more wealth. I believe Christians do accept any other beliefs but Muslims will never accept christianity in a million years.I have seen this with my own eyes and it is not christians trying to get MUslims to accept modern world changes like educating girls, it is the politicians and bankers who try to force these people to have western democracy. We can keep trying forever and they will never accept our way of life. We keep getting American, Canadian and Australian military folks killed in vain to satisfy the political powers. There is little difference in the way the Japanese brain washed Kamikaze pilots and the way Muslims brainwash suicide bombers or the way we sacrifice our military to fight wars that we will never win. Wars only benefit the bankers anymore. The next world war will be won by the Muslims as most of the free world does not have the willingness or courage to fight for freedom alone. Keep this to share with your children as we will be long gone when this happens, I hope. When the Muslims get control of the money I would hate to be a woman and our women don’t think this is possible. It will happen someday.

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