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He continued his lying in last nights second debate. He has reduced drilling permits on federal lands by 37%. He will stop it all including drilling anywhere if he is re-elected just like he is shutting down coal mines as fast as he can. He uses the EPA to over regulate and eliminate industry’s by increasing costs and removing the ability to make a profit. The facts are there but the media slant or doctors the facts to support Obama. The moderator last night was a perfect example when she defended an Obama statement immediately which was obviously preplanned before the debate. 

Everyone with an open mind knows he is lying or those who blindly vote for Democrats just don’t care or just stupid. The video you can watch is another slap in the face of every veteran who served honorably in the military, including me.

Those who read this blog are aware of my efforts to get this Progressive Communists prepared President defeated in the November election. I have posted many articles trying to wake up American voters. Of all of the messages I receive and material I read the outright lie he expounds in this video is unbelievable. He has lied about religion, sealed his fraudulent education records, created 7 more states and I really have no interest whether he was born in Hawaii or Kenya.

In this video he makes an outright statement that his father served in WW II. Of all the things I’ve seen or heard about Obama this lie to gain political advantage is unforgivable.

Obama is a compulsive liar? This is just one more example of how the national media and the biased reporters have obviously hidden the event.

Barack Hussein Obama Sr. (Obama’s father) Born: 4/4/36 Died: 11/24/82 at the age of 46. He was 5 years old when WW II started, and less than 9 1/2 years old when it ended.

Lolo Soetoro (Obama’s step father) Born: January 2, 1935 Died: 3/2/87 at the age of 52. He was 6 years old when WW II started, and 10 years old when it ended. He must have been the youngest Veteran in the war.

If you doubt this, Google both of these guys.

Obama doesn’t know how to tell the truth or he doesn’t care about telling the truth or he doesn’t know when he isn’t telling the truth. Had George Bush just lied about his age, the Media would still be on this!

This forgotten CNN clip of Obama is surprising. I am not surprised that CNN buried this and it was not discovered before the Nov. 2008 election.

Do you still think he deserves re-election? Watch this video clip and if you do vote for him you are not a true American.

This short video is right out of his mouth!  




Thanks Dr. Forrest for sending me the clip and facts. C Brewer

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