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Praying that Donald Trump can save America in 2024!


The debate tonight will likely be won by the moderator who so far has been the second best debator in all three biased events. I am certain the moderator was at Camp David over the weekend practicing with Obama. If the veiwers are not intelligent enough to see through the fog I am sure that the big “O” will win in a cake walk. CB

The Libyan issue is important because what the president said runs contrary to the facts. The campaign knows this and will address it in the next debate. Although the issue is important for policy reasons, it reflects on the president’s credibility, which is of great importance to me. If the president lies on a clear cut issue such as this, what holds him back in lying about other issues like what did he promise Putin when he told the Russian president to wait until after the election when he would have greater flexibility. What is he hiding from the American people?

However, Governor Romney must offer a grander vision than just the Libyan fiasco. He must present a new and bold foreign policy agenda, a policy of peace through strength. Yes, the American public is tired of war and wants the bleeding to stop, human bleeding and treasure bleeding. However, I believe the American public wants a strong military, a strong defense, and a defense that is prepared to intervene in the world when events and interests demand strength. No one seeks war, but history proves that appeasement fails to stop wars. Who wants to be the “Appeasement President?”

For me the most important strategic issue is becoming resource independent. If the USA was energy independent and capable of providing our allies with needed resources, especially oil and natural gas, the world would be a safer place. Right now we are dependent on foreign oil, especially from the Middle East. Countries in the Middle East leverage their power and our dependence to their advantage and hold us and Europe hostage. Saudi Arabia opens the spigots when it suits them. Iran threatens to cut off oil to Europe. Jihadists blow up pipelines in Egypt and they destroyed oil wells in Iraq during the war. Free us from Middle East Oil and we play the poker bluff game with them on an even basis. Now we can’t.

Venezuela seeks to undercut our interests in Latin America. Cut of its oil and with competition from Brazil and other nations and Venezuela loses clout in the US and region. Cut off the oil in Venezuela and Chavez cannot fund his social programs which keep him in power. When the economy collapses then only will reforms begin in Venezuela.

The American public understands the power of oil in the world and its impact on our economy and lives. Address this as both a domestic and foreign policy matter.

Obama touts green energy as the solution. It is not. We survive on our transportation system which runs on oil. How many cars and trucks are on the road today? How many diesel trains operate today transporting goods across the country? How many ships transport goods all over the world? We just don’t have the technology to convert petroleum operated cars, trains, trucks and ships to electric or alternative energy products. To believe otherwise is fantasy. Yes, we can support innovation and research, but we cannot rely on what may come 5, 10, 20, or more years to come. We must operate in the now.



“In God We Trust”

Thanks Dr. Forrest and thanks to “n” whoever you are.  CB

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