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My friend Dr. Forrest sent this to me and I wish to share it with everyone I can. I have no idea who wrote this but they are 100% correct. C Brewer

Of course others will say that is what is done — all the time — by voting your individual preferences.  But the FACT is we have so many who vote who PUT ABSOLUTELY NOTHING INTO THE PIE — those who are CHRONIC WELFARE recipients.  I believe we should look at the CHRONIC welfare people — and if they do not TRY to find jobs — they should be employed by the state as street sweepers — TRASH SEPARATORS for CONSERVATION or REUSING OUR WASTE PRODUCTS — these jobs that cannot be done for profit YET — and use our OF GOOD HEALTH welfare people — to work — and — if they cannot do that — THEN THEY DO NOT VOTE. 

They will only vote for THE BIGGER HAND OUT politician — so THEY ONLY BLEED THE COUNTRY.  As Mitt said — those people will not be interested in hearing what any RESPONSIBLE AMERICAN has to say!  Here in the south — THERE IS A MENTALITY — like this — Poor White and Black so called TRASH — and I used to HATE those terms — but THEY EXIST.  The country could do well to look at our Welfare Programs — and see how the LDS church does their welfare programs. 


BROTHER’S AND SISTER’S CARE OF THEM.  Believe the FOOD STAMP PEOPLE can be MOVED INTO GOVERNMENT FOOD BUILDINGS — IT WOULD CREATE JOBS — and get the recipients FROM EATING BETTER than those who are paying for their food stamps.  WE HAD A GOOD AND COMPASSIONATE IDEA — but it has to be REFINED.

THERE IS NO STIMULUS to go out and look for a job.  I can back down on my wants — the Program gives me my needs — so WTF — I CAN GO FISHING ALL DAY — or like Boozo in the WH — can play golf all the time – and even go see the girls on the View or Letterman or whoever — when the THE MIDDLE EAST is on Fire — and — WAS IS IMMINENT between Iran and Israel.  THIS GUY IS NOT A PRESIDENT — he is a SHAM. 

UNFORTUNATELY, WE HAD HOPED TO GET A PRESIDENT WHO WAS BLACK and SIGNIFICANTLY advance the battle against Racism in this country.  We Put too much on his Shoulders — and He evaluated his Rhetoric as THE quality to be President — AND WE BOUGHT IT.  We did not get EXPERIENCED AND WISDOM BLACK — we got “ORATOR” BLACK — and so he has been a DISAPPOINTMENT to the COUNTRY — not because he was Black — but because he was NOT READY FOR SUCH A JOB.  We voted Black! 

MORE IS NEEDED than White/Black/Hispanic/Native American for the OFFICES THEY MIGHT RUN FOR.  They have to have the experience needed in the FIELD of RESPONSIBILITY for which they are to fulfill.  Barack was Black.  We were so POLITICALLY CORRECT – we could not see MORE than COLOR.  WE got Black.  Next time we need EXPERIENCED BLACK — and for that matter — woman — Hispanic — etc.  WHITE does not make me RIGHT of WRONG..  BLACK does not make me WRONG OR RIGHT.  ANY OTHER CHARACTERISTIC the same!  Let’s GROW UP AMERICA — WE TRIED — WE LEARNED — NOW LETS CORRECT THE MISTAKE — vote for AMERICA — not some fellow who can spend his life on the View or in Las Vegas — while our Embassy Burns and our Ambassador is KILLED because HE was not up to his job — AMATEUR PRESIDENT!

I wore the Black Arm Bands in the 60’s and 70’s — was all for the social revolutions of my time.  NOW we have to

GET BEYOND the AFFIRMATIVE ACTION — and make our educational programs MEAN SOMETHING — so we do not have GRADUATES who cannot read — write — add or subtract.  Hells Bells — the only thing they can do is PICK UP TRASH ON THE HIGHWAYS — and they will probably miss one out of five pieces of trash! 



ROMNEY may not be my total cup of tea … BUT THE FELLOW has proved that he is COMPETENT when tested in many positions.  BARRACK was BLACK — had done nothing — has done relatively nothing — except taken credit for the actions of years of work by the CIA — military — our Navy Seals.  Barrack TOOK the CREDIT.

A DISGRACE to America!

I did not change a word.  CB

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3 thoughts on “OBAMA – A REPORT CARD!

  1. burtprelutskyeditor on said:

    Boy, I’d love to have one of those jobs he mentioned. Outdoors, physical so I could get my exercise… k/

  2. We would all like to vote for the best man but he is never a candidate.

    • Well stated and it sure fits my opinion perfectly. The sad part is he will never run as a true best man has more sense, honesty and desire to achieve success without owing his feat to anyone.

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