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I just finished watching a Special Report on Fox News that every red blooded American needs to see if they are undecided on re-electing Obama. If you watch this report and still favor Obama you are as guilty of sacrificing four Americans to retain and gain political power as he is. This Report will be aired aNews tonightgain at 9pm Central time on Fox. If you miss it I hope it will be shown again or it may be on their website. Thanks Fox News, at least one news organization has the guts to share what the networks hide.

Someone or all of the individuals that had a part in this questionably assisted by Americans massacre, should not only be fired, they should go to prison for the rest of their life. There is no excuse for the behavior of Obama, Biden, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Leon Panetta or David H. Petraeus. The flunkies who report the usual propaganda, like the Press Secretary and the political hacks like Axelrod and Shultz not may have known they were dispensing lies, but I doubt it personally.

This massive cover up is the most serious offense of covert political power that has been revealed in my 82 years.

Security in Benghazi was downgraded in late August even though the Ambassador, who was murdered, pleaded for even more security for the past several months. During the actual assault drones were overhead and air support was available to stop the terrorist’s attacks.

Please share this with every American who cares. C Brewer

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    It is amazing that most Americans just choose to ignore the truth about their President.

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