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Tuesday November 6th can be one of the most important days of your life. America has stood tall for providing us with freedoms that are not shared anywhere else in the entire world. We have suffered the loss of millions of young people in the military who died or were wounded protecting our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Do not let a selfish minority who had rather live in a Socialist society destroy our freedoms. Just in my 82 years we have watched these misguided progressives reduce our right to pray publically, remove God from sight in our schools and pledge our allegiance to the flag so many have died to protect.

Look at some other facts;

They have divided our people;

Introduced the ability for politicians to function with immunity from our laws;

Made our justice system function on political preference rather than follow our Constitution;

Regulate the environment and force us to buy foreign products inferior to one made here;

Dummed down education to ensure that unions control the failing system;

Forced the need for both fathers and mothers to work to earn a decent standard of living;

Allowed our monetary system to control our destiny rather than ourselves.

I could go on and on with specific instances and if you understand what we have lost by now you will know how to vote. If you still feel that we need to race towards Socialism, you are a disgrace and should move to Europe and be happy watching and enjoy their suffering.

I am proud to be an American, I served honorably in the US Navy, I want my children and grandchildren to have the freedoms I have enjoyed.

Can Mitt Romney correct all of these problems immediately, no and no one else can. Washington needs a complete change of personnel in Congress and even the Supreme Court to stop the current race to destroy our freedoms. What he can do is change the course of this destruction while the freedom loving people can clean house. Along the way we freedom loving folks can make donations to book passage for the progressives, so they can try to change some other country’s politics and find their twisted happiness somewhere else.

Clyde Brewer


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2 thoughts on “VOTE-VOTE-VOTE

  1. Baxter Henderson on said:

    Strong words Clyde. May I that I think it is a little overboard but from where you sit perhaps justified.

    We live in one of those ‘socialist’ countries of which you are so critical, and yet we have:

    Freedom to vote for whomever we want

    A high standard of living,

    a minimal foreign debt,

    no really poor,

    a great health system where anyone who needs medical treatment can get it a low cost, and if one wants to can pay for the private level of care they desire.

    cannot think of any freedom we don’t have,

    can aspire to any position in life our intellect and ability can desires

    can pray for any god we want or not if we so choose,

    an education system that allows any student to rise to their ability.

    I could go on..

    Can it be that not everyone perceives they have the freedom and future you think they have, and would like it to be better?

    If it was otherwise ‘socialists’ would have infertile ground on which to spread their philosophy.

    Good luck tomorrow.


    P.S. Does anyone else see the responses I send?


    • They are shown on the article that you commented on when I approve them. You will find your comments when you scroll down on the blog. Sadly few people comment which is a disappointment as it does not provide me with any feedback. If Obama is re-elected I will probably close the blog as it is likely I will be gone by 2016. I have beaten the odds for life expectancy already. I will concentrate on how to help my kids and grandkids prepare for the rest of their lives paying for the experiment of wealth sharing that will fail. Should Romney win I will devote my energy to cleaning out the dead we have in Congress by forcing term limits on all elected and appointed government employees. Our Justice system is so political today I doubt many Judges have even read our Constitution or Bill of Rights.

      C B

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