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I am rather disturbed that the news media has provided over 36 hours of nearly constant reporting of a terrible tragedy. Can you imagine the effect on the families who seek comfort and peace rather than being hounded for interviews? WHY? To build their ratings with constant and never ending questions, they know that no one can answer.

Without any doubt this latest school tragedy is the most despicable act of cowardice I have seen in my 82 years. Fox News, the only network I will even listen to, has made this weekend misery for these families as well as for me. Every time I seek the latest news or weather I have to listen to another interview with some so called expert. They have utilized every psychologist, criminal justice official, lawyer and commentator they can dig up to ask, why did this sicko kill all of these children? No one will ever really know why.

They have gone back years to report on other events they must know will disturb more families that will never get over the pain of losing a loved one. What they do not realize is that this continuing notoriety is likely why other disturbed people turn to mass murder so they will never be forgotten. I have heard this reason explained in detail so many times it makes me sick. Why plant this unnecessary thought in anyone’s mind, they know this could be what triggered this latest horror.

Now we will have a month of irresponsible palaver blaming guns for the reason he killed these poor children and others. If someone would have shot this idiot, the anti-gun idiots would have still gone ballistic again even if he had outlined his reason. Some people don’t deserve to live in our society.

The Second Amendment and abortion have divided this country for far too long. There are reasons to resort to abortion and there is no reason for individuals to own assault rifles. You don’t need a machine gun to go hunting and a young rape victim does not deserve to give birth to a child when she is still a child. There are many other reasons that are merely common sense that our zealots refuse to be flexible with.

Wake up America and make this country a place to be proud of again. Our forefathers designed our Republic form of government to keep people like our President from destroying our freedom by dividing the people.

I urge every Christian to pray for these families and join me by watching the Weather Channel for the next few days.

Clyde Brewer

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  1. burtprelutskyeditor on said:

    there was a commentator, I think it was a Washington Post columnist, who said it would never happen but the news organizations should take it upon themselves not to report the murderer’s name. He cited the reason you mentioned but he also said it would spare the murderer’s family — who usually are completely blameless. Now this man’s mother owned the guns, but he’s got a brother and a father.

    I wish the Second Amendment absolutists would devote half as much energy to making certain that seriously insane people don’t get high- powered extremely fast loading automatic weapons as they spend making certain it’s possible for them to get the guns in the first place. If they made a concerted effort for strict registration, training, and competence laws, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

    I hope some asshole lawyer doesn’t end up making a lot of money suing the school district. From what I understand, they had some pretty strong security in place already.

    Every great belief system and philosophy counsels us mortals against taking absolute stands and I approve of your nuanced position on this issue.

    As i said before, i learn something from you every time. kenn/

    • Your feedback and feedback from others is what drives me to continue to share my thoughts with others. The recent election depressed me so deeply I was thinking of closing the blog. I do hope comments increase to keep me enthused?

  2. tadpole on said:

    I avoid watching the networks. There some real quality programs that will challenge your intellect…..”moonshiners”, “pawn stars”, “duck dynasty”, “Ax Men”, and “call of the Wildman” just to name a few. Avoid the networks and extend your life.

  3. Baxter Henderson on said:

    Sorry I have to ask Clyde but where was this god you want people to pray to when these children were being murdered? If he was ever going to do anything why would he allow 28 people to die such horrible deaths only do something now!? Praying, as it ever has, will do nothing. It may give solace to those praying but it will never alter the condition of humankind. Stopping the sales of such weapons may. It is no accident that these horrible things happen when the sales of such weapons are allowed. It is how it will always be until real steps are taken to take them out of the hands of the public. The second amendment is 200 years old when you had to reload your weapon after each use. That is no longer the case.




  4. tadpole on said:

    I was trying to watch Sunday Night Football and was forced to change channels. During the game, the network switched to your President speaking about the horrible shooting. HEY NETWORK GUYS, we’ve had enough! OK.

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