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This is from a real American hero, the only Air Force pilot to get a supersonic kill with cannon. He was flying an F-4 against a MIG in Vietnam so he was actually there and in the fight, something John Kerry probably cannot truthfully say.

This is very interesting. I had a dream last night. There sat the dog faced John Kerry before the Senate confirmation hearings for his appointment to Secretary of State. After the Chair had praised his vast “Diplomatic Experience”… Followed by praise for his integrity, honorable service, etc.

He finally turns the hearing over to the rest of the panel for questioning… and here is where my dream turned to fantasy… For in my dream… the first Republican Senator to ask a question starts like this….Senator… your life story is a long and storied one…well known throughout the world… and the Chair has praised your integrity and diplomatic experience… I’d like to start by asking you to once again describe your famous Christmas Eve, secret mission into Cambodia… Which I find most interesting since you weren’t even in SE Asia during the Christmas time of that year? Then I would like to ask… is consorting with our nation’s enemy’s part of your “Diplomatic Experience”… Like North Vietnam while we were at war? The Sandinista’s while we were engaged in conflict in Central America? The butcher Assad and Saddam Hussein in the Middle East… and the Russians and Chinese when we were engaged in the Cold War? And would you explain to us how you recruited your fellow “Winter Soldiers “to come and testify before Congress about atrocities committed by our American Soldiers and Marines… when most of the so called witnesses you recruited… were never even in the military or had ever gone to Vietnam? Remind us of your eye witness accounts of our Vietnam Veterans as being as ruthless as the hordes of Gangues Khan?

Tell us when and where you observed that first hand Senator Kerry? And then I’d like to know why your citations for your Silver Stars were signed by a Secretary of the Navy… years and years after the war was over? And also, is it true as charged by eye witnesses… Your Purple Hearts were as a result of your own incompetence? Friendly fire by your own hand? These are just some of the questions I have… and should be answered before your confirmation.

And in my dream, I was cheerleading the line of questioning and thinking subconsciously… “Ask why he couldn’t pass the Bar Exam… if he is so brilliant”? “Ask him why he parked his boat in Rhode Island… Was it to avoid taxes on it in his home state”? “Ask him how he has accumulated such grand wealth on the salary of a Senator”? “Is it true that your wealth was derived by marrying homely, if not downright ugly… rich heiresses and widows”?

“And ask him why the men who served with him in Vietnam…universally hate his guts… along with 99.9% of all Vietnam Veterans”? “Ask him if it is true that of all the men and women in the U.S. Senate… he is known to be the most egotistical of them all… only his good buddy, John McCain comes close. A man who also married well… Birds of a feather”?

And then… I woke up!  Ain’t gonna happen… Politicians are gutless! But I have to ask myself? Is this the face America wants to present to the rest of the world? A man who has made a career of lies, falsehoods and deceit? I can think of no human being… who symbolizes the term; “Ugly American” more than John Kerry.  A liar, a phony, arrogant, piece of human dog poop, if there ever was one! Is this a man we should be proud to be hailed as a “Great American”?

Can any foreign leader ever trust a single word out of this man’s mouth… when it is documented that he has lied to his own countrymen… time after time after time… Is this the best we have offer? In a perfect world… this man wouldn’t even be considered for “Dog Catcher”… even though he did manage to capture two in his life time. He is an insult… a mortal insult… to all who have served.

Phil “Hands” Handley, Colonel, USAF (Ret.)cid:427425916@22112009-2FB8

Thanks Ron for sharing this. I hope it makes it around the Internet before the Senate vote to confirm him.   CB

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  1. Anonymous on said:

    Sir, I, myself have never served. But, my mother, father & brother have served & honored our country. I have emmence respect for those who have and still do. I also find it atrocious what has become of our nations leaders. Not all, Sir, for I sure there must still be a few left somewhere who haven’t been corrupted…but from what I’m seeing played out before the American public today, I cannot be positive.

    My response is just a question. How are we supposed to pull down the curtain of deceit? I yell, scream, post stuff ’till my friends no longer will read the articles. Oh, there are a few patriots left. But we are out-numbered by those that have just given up or those who just live to get by on a daily basis. The majority of sheeple now appear to enjoy the free life on the breast of the government (or the rest of us if you will).

    When America made the mistake of voting in BHO in his first term, the depth of this error was not yet fortold. When it finally was umasked, those who could, started telling what the knew slowly. But when it came time to elect a person trustworthy, we failed as a party to promote our side’s values in the best light, we didn’t fight dirty and we lost to pure EVIL. I will never forgive those who sided in congress (Clinton’s, etc) with placing evil above our Countries best interest.

    Now we continue to see this horrible decision’s effects and we slide deeper into hell. But still because the MSM is so far in the pit with the evil bastard, the very people who need to learn, just keep getting thrown BS about bad-blood and resentment at the party-line.

    Please give us solutions, give us instructions…how do we take back out news organizations. The people who hate both parties right now, the very one’s who could change everything for us in 2016 can stand FoxNews anymore. Right now they are our only lifeline.

    These blogs are important, but regular people do not have time to read these everyday. We need a 24hr news media that is dedicated to the truth no matter how ugly. But that will never happen. Not now, not ever. People are to scared of being placed in prison without a trial indefintely. And now, with this “gun control” issue there soon will be nothing left but full on revolution…

  2. Betty Waller on said:

    I totally agree. HOW do we change what is? Most of those I know see and understand what has happened but have no idea how to change it. It seems pretty hopeless but we can’t stop trying. Now all we can do is pass on what we hear and hope it gets through to more and more. Most either seem to think it is hopeless and just go on day by day doing nothing. The rest just don’t believe that anything like that could happen in America.

    I hope for a strong leader to come forward that we can support but don’t see any on the horizon as yet. Like other countries, and civilizations even, America is just as vulnerable as any of them. Greece, Spain, Argentina, etc. all fell from within because of the greed for power and money.

  3. Rachel on said:

    How does this DISGRACE of an American keep his seat, let alone be nominated for SecState? Just shows how low the Democrat party has sunk, that HE is respected by them. Not by me.

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