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Reading an article on Newsmax.com provided some interesting facts I would like to share. This will be ignored by the main stream media as it could cause an uproar that I hope the blogs will report. Now the poor people who the democrats keep poor are about to get their first taste of European socialized medicine, where everyone gets to help pay for “FREE HEALTHCARE.”

This does provide some relief for revenue sharing workers and some pain for the poor, young and women who elected our King. Remember Queen Nancy’s public statement, pass Obamacare and we can read what’s in it later.

Obamacare provides Medicaid for millions of people who were not eligible before it became law by Congress. When the Supreme Court upheld the Constitutionality they ruled that states would have some options. States would not be required to expand the program to more people. The Obama administration, in hopes of pressuring states to expand Medicaid, has proposed new rules.

The proposed rule, which was published Tuesday in the Federal Register, calls for simplifying standards that limit states from charging Medicaid recipients. An example, under the new proposal, a family of three with an annual income of $30,000 could be required to pay $1,500 through premiums and co-payments. Hurrah!

The Obama administration said state Medicaid officials could offset the costs of expansion by charging higher co-payments and fees for doctors’ care, making recipients pay more for prescription drugs and non-emergency visits to emergency rooms.

Ms. Barbara Tomar, Director of Federal Affairs at the American College of Emergency Physicians, noted the Obama administration has not adequately defined what constitutes “non-emergency” services. Often, she said,” patients think they need emergency care when they didn’t.”

Charging recipients would save federal and state governments billions of dollars. With Obamacare, at least 11 million more people are expected to go on Medicaid, which already covers approximately 60 million people.

Since Obamacare passed, the administration has said  to their voters, “WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU, OUT. They know that half a loaf is enough to keep you poor. 

Thanks Newsmax.    C Brewer

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