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Had to share it with you. I wish everyone could see this as a reminder of how far we have fallen from where we once were.

This is not a political statement or intended to create anything but respect for a real American. Our youth will never know what real leaders we had in our lives. They don’t make them like this anymore . Too bad for those who missed the chance to watch a born leader re-establish our purpose! History will acknowledge how Americas lost faith and their freedoms and God only knows what else is coming with the destruction of our Constitution underway today.  C Brewer


Thanks Wally

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  1. Baxter Henderson on said:

    I have become a born again atheist Clyde. I no longer open any emails that reference a god. Whether it comes from a black African witchdoctor, a Native American Indian shaman, a Chinese Buddhist, or a white Caucasian, I won’t be opening it. Newtown only confirmed my belief. Since our species walked on two legs, we have been looking for answers from throwing entrails on a fire, to praying through an old white guy in funny clothes. For two thousand years we have imprisoned, slaughtered, and tortured those who did not believe in ‘god’s message’ to no avail. The sooner we all accept that we can only solve problems with secular, rational, scientific reasoning, the sooner we will be able to resolve humanities problems. We are delusional if we believe it will be by any other method.

    I’ve had a bad few days Clyde culminating in Delyse’s pentacostal son trying to involve me in a prayer to ask the Lord to solve Delyse’s problems. Sorry I picked on you.



  2. tadpole on said:

    great you tube video. I want you to put the video on your blog, not the web site. It is my job to train you. We’ll schedule a seminar at your home in next couple weeks.

    Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2013 21:41:42 +0000 To: fkkeel@hotmail.com

  3. Thanks so much, Clyde, for posting this. Millions more need to see the truth. You are correct in saying the younger people have no idea of what this nation was like when we held to our God-created purpose and principles. As a teacher, I can see first-hand that we are now in the second generation of U. S. citizens who have no inkling of how this nation was birthed by God and protected by Him all these hundreds of years. We are rapidly being led down a path to try to remove God from this nation — and once that’s done, all the freedom will go as well. I’m re-blogging this and posting the video on my Facebook page as well.

    • Having lived over 82 years I have watched America destroy most of the values we once were free to enjoy. Our government has become so powerful it is only a matter of time before the States will have no rights. Washington will tell us what to eat, when to sleepand if you have a bowel movement out of the assigned time it will be a felony. CB

      • You are so right! You know, as I watched that video I was remembering the opportunity I had to meet Ronald Reagan when he was running for President. He came to my hometown, small though it is, and the Lord worked it out for me to be in the right place at the right time. I had the opportunity to shake his hand and tell him that I was praying for him, and I knew that day — because of the way he responded and what I saw in his eyes when he spoke to me — that he was a genuine Christian and that he sincerely valued the faith that people were investing in prayers for him. He truly was a gift to us from the Lord — a chance to reclaim our original heritage. Unfortunately, we let that gift slip through our figures 8 years later, and we haven’t stopped going the wrong direction since.

  4. Reblogged this on Happy Patriot and commented:
    Oh, that God would mercifully lead us back to what He created us to be!

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