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For the past two plus years I have posted over 359 articles on this blog. I have been extremely disappointed in the lack of comments to evaluate if my work is just wasted effort or appreciated. I do receive some feedback from my followers on Facebook and my steady comments from my Australian friend, Baxter Henderson.

For those who subscribe, follow my articles on Facebook and Twitter or the over 25,000 people who have just stumbled across them searching the web, thank you deeply. Just knowing that someone outside of my family actually reads my work is very rewarding.

My intent in beginning this blog was to share my knowledge, experience and 82 years of life in the greatest country on earth. I honestly named the blog to make sure everyone understood my views were “conservative” and I feel I have proven myself to abhor our current President and the immovable democrats that reside in Congress. I doubt that anyone who has read my articles would argue that I feel Obama and his army of mercenaries are destroying our Republic form of government.

Now I feel obligated to apologize to Mr. Obama, the democratic party and the main stream media that blindly supports their socialists agenda. One thing is certain, the media should have an award for the imbecile who best meets the criteria of twisting, omitting and publishing the best propaganda of the year.

These people have proven me wrong for not recognizing they have achieved success far beyond anything I have witnessed in my lifetime. They have done this so well I feel ashamed for not giving them credit for their success long before now.

I have coined a new word to allow me to praise their performance, “Lieability”. They have proven that they can face the public with a straight face, smile and distort anything better than anyone in the history of the world. Our President’s nose would make Pinocchio blush if the fairy tale was fact. There is no one in history that would be a distant second. Well maybe Bill Clinton would make honorable mention in history books.

Awarding a “Lieability” statuette to a Senator would be a real dilemma as Reid, Kerry or Durbin would be at best a three-way tie. Receiving the award winner for the House of Representatives would be a cake walk for Queen Nancy Polosi. A Lieability award for just one media individual would be impossible but MSNBC would win hands down for the network category, closely followed by NBC and CNN.  

I fully accept criticism for my oversight in not giving these Socialist credit for being the worlds best at something. I do feel that other conservative bloggers, journalists, commentators, writers and the republican leaders in Congress have been remiss in not recognizing the “Lieability” of these individuals and organizations.

Shame on you Conservatives everywhere, give these people credit where credit is due. I would say call a spade a spade but I would be chastised for being a racist.

C Brewer

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8 thoughts on “MY APOLOGY

  1. Tadpole on said:

    Gosh, I wish you were so humble when you and Robert lost a golf match to JOB and I.

    Enjoy your writings.

  2. Hello my friend…. My own apologies to you. You comment on my blog quite often, and yet I haven’t taken the time to do the same in return. I love your writing and the way you express consistency.

    Now, about this article, I agree in a slightly different way as well. I saw a comment on television a short while ago from Bill O’Reilly. He was lamenting that the left has already won the hearts and minds of America and this is a new beginning for the country. As evidence, he mentioned how they not only control mainstream media, but books, magazines, television and movies, among so many other things.

    Has the war for conservative thought already been lost? I think there is a ton of evidence supporting the idea. However, I’d like to think that if there is even one of us left on the conservative side, the war has not been lost.

  3. Clyde—
    You are the best dang writer I have ever had the pleasure of knowing!!
    The only exception was my mothers mother who spent 12 years in the California legislature. She also was a whisbang(sp). I’ve read every one and enjoyed them all.

    • You are one of the greatest inspirations and friends in my life. I wish we had more time to grow older together. I’ll let you know when the fish are biting. Your suggested topics have certainly broadened my intelligence horizons.

  4. Lawrence kring on said:

    I look forward to receiving you blog ever day email keep it up

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