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A Tale of Two Cities

A Tale of Two Cities

Chicago, IL         Houston , TX
Population 2.7 million        2.15million
Median HH income $38,600         $37,000
% African-American 32.9%        24%
% Hispanic 28.9%        44%
% Asian 5.5%         6%
% non-Hispanic White 31.7%         26%

A reasonably similar matchup but analyze the following;


Chicago, IL        Houston, TX
Concealed gun laws       no           Yes
# of gun stores         0
84 dedicated gun shops,
1500 places to buy guns
(Walmart, etc.)
Homicides, 2012       506           207
Homicides per 100k        18.4           9.6
Average January
high temp, F
        31           63


Conclusion: “cold weather causes murder.”

Thanks Alan

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