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 Honesty and integrity were important in politics and the news media when I was younger. Now we get nothing but spin and ego trips from Washington. Finally someone with integrity and honesty was likely,  by accident, scheduled to speak and blew the socks off of the audience. I have watched this several times and decided to try to share it with as many Americans as possible.  C Brewer

In the moments after this speech went public, it was blasted by many commentators and lauded by an equal amount who loved it.  In the days following, the YouTube video went viral and has had millions of hits. 

When you can spend 30 minutes of uninterrupted listening time, I recommend it to you.  Just one disclaimer; he is “a political”, does not ascribe to either political party, thus his invitation to the non-partisan breakfast gathering. 

The main speaker, Dr. Benjamin Carson, at the National Prayer breakfast is a distinguished Physician.

He is the Director of the Pediatric Neuro-Surgery Division at Johns-Hopkins-University. 

He grew up in abject poverty, one of ten children to an illiterate woman, who was married at 13, and mother of 9 other children, in the environs of Baltimore, MD.  He worked his ass off for many, many years and finally made it.  He is at the pinnacle of a profession, where competition is unusually fierce.  He’s not a YoYo, Oreo or Ding Dong, he’s a very smart and savvy guy. 

To Recap: 

He lamented the dumbing down of our nations schools and recalled the cautioning of many great statesmen who warned that the illiterate will drag down our nations ability to compete in the world, succeed in international commerce and scientific advancement. 

He made the comparison of ancient Rome to the USA of today, noting that both are subject to self-destruction through moral decay and fiscal irresponsibility. 

He stressed the:

Need to recognize stellar academic’s, as well as a star QB, point guard or pitcher! 

Need to recognize the Judeo-Christian ethic, as a cornerstone for our founders, in Law and Education.

Need to recognize commercial achievement of entrepreneurs and stop trying to punish hard-earned success!

He opined that our 16+ Trillion dollar National debt was one of, if not, the biggest of problems facing America today and for our children and grandchildren. 

That taxation was not meant to be a means of punishing success, and,

Health Savings Accounts (HSA) were essential, for the future well being of all American’s. 

So where was he wrong or disrespectful or out of line?

What did he say that was inappropriate or “politically incorrect”?

At the conclusion, Michelle Obama rose and enthusiastically applauded. I would have as well. 

This runs almost 30 minutes, but, it is quite something…..  Saying it like it really is………


Thank you Ron for sharing this with me. CB

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  1. Jeff Hanstrom on said:

    Amen Clyde. The best speech I have ever seen. I think this should be mandatory viewing for all.

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