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Earlier this week I posted an article that proposed that the United States change our election laws and let our Congress elect our Presidents. We could  lock them up until they agree to a simple majority and use the black and white smoke to announce they had reached a choice. State Legislatures could select our Senators and members of the House of Representatives to save even more money.

I related that this is the method used by the College of Cardinals to elect a new Pope for the Catholic Church as has been done for centuries. This conclave commenced Tuesday in Rome and within 24 hours we have a new Pope. This is the first Pope chosen from the America’s in history. What organization, discipline and results for an organization of over 1.1 million.

Can you possibly imagine how many trillions of dollars we could save with this method of selecting our leaders? All of the Community Organizing groups like ACORN would be unnecessary. Each state could manage their elections without need for central government intervention or the Black Panthers to intimidate voters. Dead people in Illinois could only vote for their statewide candidates instead of the President. They could even vote for the array of state officials currently serving prison sentences for rigging elections and monitory kickbacks. All the costs of managing thousands of polling places would be  local elections. Elections for everyone would be every two years and a one term limit for every elected official from Constable to President would eliminate tenure and politics as a profession.

When the Congress is “SEQUESTERED”  with only one task to elect a President, they will likely be replaced every two years and never be able to screw up and increase the size of our central government. Government employees would not need to be unionized as they would perform their work to strictly controlled procedures approved and required by law. If they fail to comply they would be replaced. Sound familiar, this is exactly how managers and employees are required to perform in the private sector. 

Just thinking of all of the advantages is exciting and with inputs from others expected, it may take a while to complete this one challenge. Locking Congress up until they elect a president has endless opportunities to stop the spending binge. Just think, they have been unable to even produce a budget in over four years that is required by the law. If we went four years without a President the costs savings would be out of sight.

Air force One could be retired, we could rent out the White House or make it a Museum. We could sell Camp David or operate it as a campground. There would be no one for the Secret Service to protect and they could go back to protect the whore house in Columbia. Tiger Woods would have to find someone else to play golf with. It is mind boggling how many unnecessary things could be eliminated.

Congress could be responsible for the EPA and if they are locked up no unnecessary regulations could be issued. Better than that the EPA, Department of Energy, Department of Education could be totally eliminated and let the states provide these services as they did before these bureaucracies were created. My mind is racing so fast I will end this report to let me  investigate more ways to force our government to function without a deficit like we the people have to do.  

C Brewer

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