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Well the media finally woke up today and Fox News is mow reporting another uncovered expense of this boondoggle. Hopefully the American public might know someday the total waste to let Biden sit and talk with the British PM that would and could have been a telephone call. Now the administration is pumping out excuses like it was normal to travel in this style for our President and Vice-President in the past. All Presidents together have never amassed the wild spending of just the current Obama Robbers. We have never been over sixteen trillion in debt before. We never had 50 million people on welfare before. When will the people wake up and stop listening to this crap. Oh, before I forget to mention Fox reported today that over $321,000 was spent just on limousines which is over and above what is included in the original posting that follows.  CB

This article should convince any hard-working American why the Obama administration is diligently trying to raise taxes on the horrible Americans who have been successful. It is a crying shame we can’t afford to let children tour the White House as the lousy republicans interfere with tax increases.

Vice President Joe Biden’s recent one-day trips to Paris and London cost American taxpayers more than $1,000,000.00.

Biden and his friends rung up a $585,000.50 tab for a single night on Feb. 4 at the Hotel Intercontinental Paris Le Grand, a luxurious five-star hotel near the Louvre Museum.

The Daily Mail reported that Biden’s group spent $459,388.65 for one night on Feb. 5 at the Hyatt Regency in London, where the vice president met with Prime Minister David Cameron. The contract for the London trip specified 136 hotel rooms for that one-night stay, The Daily Mail reports. To keep him from being lonely his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, accompanied him to Paris on his European trip, which also included a stop in Germany.

The Daily Mail also reported that Biden’s entourage required more than 100 rooms at Le Grand. One night in the presidential suite costs more than $3,800.

This is how the Intercontinental Paris Le Grand describes itself on its website:

 “With floodlit views of the Opera House, this superbly renovated luxury hotel is at the heart of Parisian society. “Opened in 1862, it defines historical grandeur, from Café de la Paix to La Verriere Restaurant, set in an 800 square metre winter garden. Elegantly appointed, the hotel’s boutique-style suites overlook stunning landmarks. Located … close to the Louvre Museum, shopping, theatre and banking districts, this luxury Paris hotel is an icon in the City of Light.”

Can you possibly imagine what the total costs of this boondoggle actually costs when all expenses for airfare, security and other meager costs were included?

This should make all of those who have to stand in line for their unemployment checks, welfare payments and food stamps feel really proud to know our government feels their pain.

This certainly did not make old people like me, who have watched Congress and the Obama administration rob us of our savings to share it with the people who “occupy” and “protest” our success, very happy.

Did this make you happier with our current administration? Please tell me why if it did?

I would like to thank Newsmax.com for providing the facts used to make my point.

C Brewer

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