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Watching the press coverage non-stop for a week about the Boston Bombings indicates the real mission of the media is too ignore the political sewer in Washington. What happened to the coverage of the sacrifice of the three Americans in Libya over seven months ago. The death toll was the same and one of those killed in Boston was not an American citizen

Put yourself in the shoes of the families of the three brave Americans that died protecting our support of a war in Syria that now the government still ignores and the media forgot. The President traveled to Boston to show his false feelings to protect his rear end. Has he visited the wounded from Benghazi who are in Washington area hospitals, no. In fact they are still not available for interview. The media has been told to forget Benghazi and they obey. We will never know why as the reason was a violation of our Constitution and the media knows this.

The Republicans in Congress made feeble attempts to expose this fiasco but the media marches to Obama’s power and the successful cover up of not even trying to save these brave Americans with military power. This was one of the saddest events in my life to watch this slaughter and no action to even try to help them.

My heart goes out to the people who died or were maimed in Boston by terrorist we can’t call terrorist for fear we might piss off a Muslim. A friend called me tonight and said we should take the body of the one that was killed, wrap it inside a pig skin, photograph it and shower it over every terrorist nation on earth. The picture would be captioned as how every terrorist will be prepared for cremation when killed or captured trying to kill Americans. Treat savages like savages instead of allies.

Some day a President will have the strength to stop this killing of Americans and stop worrying about getting re-elected. I doubt this will happen in my lifetime as every politician alive is only interested in getting rich like Harry Reid, who never worked a day in his live and amassed a $6,000,000, net worth in Congress. 

The Democrats have proved that you can buy enough votes with government freebies and add them to the stupid and the dead and they win any election they desire to win. To reinforce this advantage Eric Holder has shown them they can use the Justice Department to just ignore the law and protect the Democratic voters and candidates from any threat. 

My heart also goes out to the families of the Americans sacrificed in Libya who have been forgotten. Losing their love ones to terrorist in Libya is acceptable in Washington and by the media today.

The US military has always had the ethics to never leave a comrade behind. Facts now prove that the US State Department does not have the ethics to even try to save their employees. 

C Brewer 4-23-13

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2 thoughts on “BOSTON AND BENGHAZI Part Two!

  1. Anonymous on said:

    You nailed it pop.

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