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Democrats now fear that Obamacare facts that Queen Nancy Polosi revealed could not be reviewed until after the bill was passed, will hurt them in the voting booth in 1014.  I pray that this self inflicted wound will wake up enough voters to see that this Socialist snake oil plan will eventually bankrupt the country and no one will have healthcare insurance. If the Republicans in the House have the gonads to stop funding this socialist nightmare they are worthy of being re-elected. If enough true conservatives run against the Democrats who voted to create this monster they could win control of the Senate and just neuter Obama from doing any more damage until 2016.

Healthcare reform was the dream of Hillary Clinton when she was our shadow President in 1992. If she could have had Harry Reid and Nancy to ram this down our throats then, we would have never suffered 8 years with a Muslim President.

 Now “Obamacare” is just five months from away from blowing up in their faces, Democrats are worried about what failure might mean for Congress heading into the 2016 presidential race. If enough young people who will have to pay for this monster and women realize that buying their own birth control devices is cheaper than new premiums, they deserve their unemployment checks. Oh I forgot they receive their salary for life and have their own insurance plan we all pay for until they croak..

Some who voted for Obamacare fear that America’s 49 million uninsured will not even know about health coverage offered in their own states.  If  young, healthy consumers that are necessary to offset an expected influx of older and sicker patients, do not buy insurance Democrats are in deep dodo.

With most states opting out of establishing healthcare exchanges the federal government is responsible to promote private insurance coverage at federally subsidized rates to individuals and families with low-to-moderate incomes. This insurance enrollment will  begin Oct. 1. The federal government  has kept secret about its promotion plans, which will costs billions. You can expect a barrage of propaganda to begin early this summer.

The Obama administration is working nonstop to mask and refute reports the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is a big enough campaign issue to lose their democratic control of the Senate in 2014. Ron Wyden, a Oregon Democrat recently stated that “if people’s insurance premiums shoot up, I can tell you, that is going to wash into the United States Senate in a hurry.”

Senator Max Baucus, one of the architects of Obamacare, said federal efforts deserve a failing grade and we could be heading for a “huge train wreck”. He has been openly critical of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius for lack of information her department has provided. Baucus is also up for re-election and running for cover.

Obamacare is designed to cover 15 million Americans next year through the healthcare exchanges and an expensive expansion of Medicaid. The forecast to cover 38 million by 2022.

Obamacare is being challenged by insurers who are scared of participating and how competitive the exchanges will be. Businesses are mounting continued legal moves to stop the use of federal subsidies in exchanges run by the federal government. The majority of states have refused to establish exchanges and avoid the Medicaid expansion.

Enrollment effort is suffering from months of delay in publishing rules. A Republican embargo on new funding is beginning to cause other questions to surface. Democrat Paul Starr recently said,  “I don’t see how what they’re planning to do is going to be adequate. The resources are too limited, the (law’s) penalties are too weak and elite opposition in much of the country will undermine enrollment”. Starr, is a Princeton professor and former health adviser to Hillary and  President Bill Clinton.

A recent poll reported that 77 percent of Americans know little or nothing about exchanges, while 40 percent actually believe that Obamacare only creates a government panel to make end-of-life decisions for people on Medicare. Another recent survey by an online company that helps consumers find insurance, discovered that the law’s penalty for not buying coverage would be cheaper for most 25-to-34-year-olds or 18-to-24-year-olds than purchase insurance they can’t afford.

Obama said, Republican opposition to block the law is making it difficult to implement. “Even if we do everything perfectly, there’ll still be, you know, glitches and bumps,” he said. God bless the Republicans for trying to help the people.

The administration is building exchanges in 33 states that are unwilling or unable to do so on their own, and has limited funds for marketing. Health and Human Services has awarded a contract worth at least $8 million with public relations firm and $54 million to train and pay “navigators,” or counselors who will help consumers choose a health plan. HHS also has a $28 million contract with General Dynamics to set up a call center and to make its Healthcare.gov website consumer-oriented. The Obama administration is asking major U.S. insurance providers to market aggressively to consumers on the federally run exchanges and help convince healthy citizens between 26 to 45 to pay for insurance instead of a first-year penalty amounting to $95 per person or 1 percent of household income.

If Obama had spent one half of what has been wasted with Obamacare on creating private sector jobs and reduced regulations as he promised everyone could afford healthcare. Now most companies have abolished providing healthcare insurance and it will take generations to recover this benefit. Employees that had coverage will not be able to pay the massive increased costs to get healthcare.

One thing is certain and Democrats need to be praised for their accomplishments. They know how to tax and spend someone elses money, that nobody can deny. They know how to generate new regulations that eliminate jobs and don’t care. They know how to buy Arab oil to pacify the domestic extremest. They are experts in global warming that has made the tree huggers cheer while most of the country enjoys our post spring snow storms and/or colder than average temperatures. They are good at tracking domestic terrorists and fantastic in protecting our diplomats they send to places like Libya. 

Obama has job security until January 2016 and there is nothing that we can do but suffer. The Democrats in both the House and Senate up for re-election next year can be retired and receive their salary and benefits for life that they voted for themselves. If we retire them it will be cheaper as they can’t screw up things helping us, out.

Out of our money, out of our freedoms, out of our jobs, out of our benefits and for myself out of patience.

“God Save America”

C Brewer

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  1. tadpole on said:

    “Obamacare is designed to cover 15 million Americans next year through the healthcare exchanges and an expensive expansion of Medicaid. The forecast to cover 38 million by 2022.”

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